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The Endervidualism site seeks to fill the need of providing a cultural site for individualists who favor market forces over coercion, peace over war and seeking their own happiness over submersion in any cause.

The Endervidualism site hosts Ender's Review of the Web a weekly webzine which has its own section of the site: Review.

The site also has the usual links to other sites, favorite items and other special pages that focus on offsite materials. The Connections section holds these pages.

Original essays are also published at Endervidualism in the Columns section. More information about what sort of columns are favored at Endervidualism is also in that section.


The Agora in Athens was the ancient city’s marketplace where almost anything in the Hellenic world could be traded for other things of value.

That is also what I have planned for this area. However, instead of the Hellenic world this Agora will be focused on this web site. The Agora is growing. In addition to the "boutiques" in the Agora itself (e.g. Sunni's Salon), items featured or mentioned in other areas of Endervidualism will be available here also through partnerships with offsite vendors.

This area also also contains the page where donations to help fund the future existence of Endervidualism are accepted.

I couldn’t find an artistic depiction of the ancient Athenian marketplace that I liked so I am using a painting by Bruegel of a marketplace about 2000 years later to act as a centerpiece for the Agora page. It has an unfettered and diverse flavor which I believe appropriate to a marketplace.

Agora Icon

The Agora "button bar" icon is a composite of several very old symbols.

a meeting place

An agora is a place of meeting, so part of the new symbol was contributed by a symbol for a meeting place. 

clubs represent good fortune

The agora, or open marketplace, is also a place of good fortune, represented by the symbol for the playing card suit of clubs associated with money, work, wealth and fortune.

The triskelion has long been a symbol of competition and progress, a product of the open marketplace: the agora.

clubs represent good fortune

The enneagram (a nine pointed star) is a symbol of the nine gifts of the spirit: love, peace, happiness, benevolence, temperance, leniency, humbleness, patience, and loyalty. 

Acting as the "magnet" and binding all those symbols for the composite symbol is the "spiral of life." The agora is centered on the activities of life, favors progress and good fortune and delivers many gifts to those of humankind who are fortunate enough to live within its influence. 

Combining and positioning these symbols, dropping the number of meeting place arrows to three to match the recurring theme of three and nine, adding primary colors to the arrows and positioning the central spiral with a golden color and the other surrounding positive symbols with secondary colors corresponding to mixing of the adjacent primary color arrows; results in the composite icon that I am now using for the Agora section, shown in larger scale here.

(More information on many symbols may be found at Symbols.com.)

If you have ideas for the Agora please let me know by e-mail

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