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Ćon Flux (2005)

Reviewed by Tom Ender

“The Perfect World Meets The Perfect Assassin”

Perhaps the tagline above describes the action at the beginning of this intriguing film, but by the end much more has entered the storyline of the movie. Based on an MTV animated series, which that tagline may better describe, this film presents a story which chronicles another authoritarian dystopia and those who rebel against it. However, other themes enter into the mix also.

The movie begins with some text giving general background:

  • 2011 - a virus kills 99% of the world's population.

  • A scientist, Trevor Goodchild, develops a cure.

  • The five million survivors live in Bregna, the last city on Earth.

  • The Goodchild dynasty rules for 400 years.

  • Rebels emerge to challenge the Goodchild regime.

An overview of life in Bregna, narrated by the main character: Ćon Flux (Charlize Theron), fleshes out the bullets above. Bregna may be considered the “height of human civilization” by some, but others disagree. The Bregna narrative shows pictures of Trevor Goodchild (Marton Csokas) in poses which possess a striking similarity to “heroic” statist art of the 20th century. The narrative also introduces some key story elements: the relical -- “a memorial to remind us of what we've survived;” walls which surround Bregna keeping out “nature;” a society which “trades freedom for a gilded cage;” and rebels who refuse that bargain – the Monicans.

After the opening narrative the movie's focus follows Ćon who receives a mission from “the handler,” the apparent leader of Ćon's group of Monicans (Frances McDormand). She assigns Ćon to knock out the Goodchild regime's surveillance system. On her way to carry out that mission, she comes upon her sister Una (Amelia Warner). Una and her friend Claudius (Nikolai Kinski) expect Ćon to join them for dinner that evening, but Ćon warns Una that she may not make it. This leads to a discussion of Ćon's pursuits as a Monican and Una's very different efforts to build a life within Bregna.

The movie action changes to Ćon's anti-surveillance mission. This segment provides a compact sample of the special effects and acrobatic stunts which this film provides in great plenty. After completing her mission, Ćon goes to her sister's place for dinner. However, dinner circumstances have changed. I will leave those details to the viewer of the film to discover.

Ćon again meets with “the handler,” this time receiving the mission she craves: killing Trevor Goodchild. For this mission Ćon requests and “the handler” grants the help of another Monican operative: Sithandra (Sophie Okonedo), who has had an interesting alteration made to her body, increasing her skill as an insurgent. They make their way toward Trevor with full intentions of carrying out the mission, but when Ćon meets Trevor, her dedication to the mission changes.

In addition to special effects and stunts, interesting costumes may often grab the viewer's focus in this striking film. Fans of Charlize Theron will find much to enjoy, as will the devotee of dystopian science fiction. However, the screenplay adds more to the foundation of Ćon and Bregna. Deeper themes intermingle with those mentioned above. I enjoyed Ćon Flux. I think you will too.

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