Archive of Ali Massoud's Essays

  • “Rational Adaptation”? -- It Depends on What Seems Rational to You

    “People of color, religious, sexual, or ideological minorities face the same difficulties in life as well – more actually.... Yet still, in my observation at least, they hold up better psychologically and spiritually.”

    published at Endervidualism on  May 26, 2005

  • Contra-Democracy

    “The only valid use of democratic decision making processes and social organization ... must contain two features. First, only “stakeholders” get to vote. ... The second condition would be an opt-out exclusion to any collective decision.”

    published at Endervidualism on  March 22, 2005

  • When Bad Things Happen

    “For someone like myself who aspires to religious values without the religious dogma, acceptance of what is, and the genuine effort to bear and deal with life and its unfairness in a humane and rational manner is what brings me comfort and relief.”

    published at Endervidualism on  January 21, 2005

  • Liberty Doesn’t Hinder Moral Conduct: It Rewards It

    “Individualists are not hermits.... To allow autonomy is to allow the individual to expand his or her social relations. And we believe that as with flowers in the sunlight, they will flower and bloom, and that it will be beautiful to behold.”

    published at Endervidualism on  December 31,2004