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  1. 2007
    1. August
      1. 2007 August 8
        1. Add icon, new format to Tom Ender archive
        2. Disable several old pages redirect to new
      2. 2007 August 2-3
        1. New site/home icon replacing old home
        2. New site icon replacing old favicon
    2. July
      1. 2007 July 14
        1. Convert Don Meinshausen essay
        2. Convert I.M Freeman essay, add to guest/solo archive
      2. 2007 July 5
        1. Complete Ali Massoud archive conversion
    3. June
      1. 2007 June 26
        1. Complete Cat Farmer archive conversion
      2. 2007 June 20
        1. Convert Matt Bryan essay
        2. Convert Rieben and Anonymous guest/solo essays
    4. May
      1. 2007 May 31
        1. Complete several month long effort at Movie Vault conversion
    5. January
      1. 2007 Jan. 3
        1. Add Bob Wallace browser icon
        2. Add Bob Wallace print CSS style
  2. 2006
    1. Sept.
      1. 2006 Sept. 15
        1. Finish conversion of Sunni M. Archive
    2. July
      1. 2006 July 15
        1. Convert Bob Wallace Archive
        2. Reset server extensions (SE) & removal of many MSFT SE usages,
    3. June
      1. 2006 June 13
        1. Convert Cat Farmer Archive
    4. April
      1. 2006 Apr. 8
        1. Convert Tom Ender Archive
        2. Add RSS feed for Endervidualism Columns
    5. January
      1. 2006 Jan. 7
        1. Add Sign Up page
        2. Add RSS feeds for Ender's Review and This Weekend
  3. 2005
    1. November
      1. 2005 Nov. 27
        1. Donate page "canvas split"
        2. Change log "reordering"
      2. 2005 Nov. 22
        1. Home page "wrapper"
      3. 2005 Nov. 19
        1. Change Log
        2. Draft Resistance
      4. 2005 Nov. 12
        1. Home page to CSS
        2. Étienne de La Boétie
    2. Endervidualism This Weekend to CSS
    3. Endervidualism "simple" pages to CSS
    4. Ender's Review Regular Issue New format/CSS
    5. Ender's Review Special Left Out Issue
    6. Endervidualism Start of columns format changes
    7. Ender's Review Start of format changes
  4. 2004
    1. First Home Page change
    2. This Weekend
    3. Original Columns
    4. Site Launch
    5. Ender's Review
  5. 2003



April 2003: The site's domain name is acquired, some tools purchased.



Ender's Review — Jan. 5

Beginning with January of 2004 Ender's Review was available on the web at this site.

Site Launch — Feb. 9

The site was “officially launched” on Feb. 9, 2004 with the Site Launch essay.

Columns — Feb. 13

Original columns have appeared as they were submitted. Sunni Maravillosa's No Safe Seat at the Feast was the first, other than the launch article ementioned above.

This Weekend — Apr. 13

This Weekend was made available first for the week spanning Apr 15 - 21, 2004. At that time I was publishing it on Tuesday so as to have it available to be included in the following Wednesday's Freedom News Daily (FND).

Home Page format change — Nov. 30

The Endervidualism home page was changed substantially to no longer have a large picture, but instead list the most recent updates to the site. As regular site features were updated (e.g. a new Endervidualism column, a new 'Ender's Review', a new 'This Weekend,' etc.) the most recently added/changed feature page was added to the top of the canvas area on the home page.



Ender's Review begins reformat – Jan. 3

Although I had started playing with named anchors in 2004, the essential formatting of Ender's Review had not changed substantially. However, beginning with the issue published on Jan. 3 (which is archived in the 2004 issues – covering Dec. 26, 2004 - Jan. 1, 2005) Ender's Review started exploiting some very rudimentary CSS. It took a while for me to get a good grasp of CSS, but I was determined. The site would be redone to exploit cascading style sheets and other web standards, with the hope that the resulting site would be both easier to manage and more attractive.

Endervidualism Start of columns reformat – Mar (?)

Almost certainly by the end of March and perhaps as early as February, I had started playing with CSS to make "better buttons." This began the effort to "clean up" the Columns area, which is still happening at this writing in Nov. 2005.

Ender's Review Special Left Out Issue – July 3

Ender's Review features both an annual and "left out" special edition for 2003. They were both late being published. The "Left Out 2003" Issue used changes which gave a "full" CSS implementation. When possible I will introduce new features for Ender's Review with the special editions.

Ender's Review Regular Issue w/CSS – Aug. 8

This issue was the first weekly web edition to use a "full featured" CSS format for ERev. Over that same weekend I also put up a new "refurbished" Review section featuring past issue archives (complete for 2004 and 2005, 2003 issues will be loaded as time permits) and links to the Review's regular source sites.

Endervidualism "simple" pages to CSS – Aug. & Sept.

In the Agora and Connections sections most pages have fairly simple structures. This isn't true of Sunni's Salon, This Weekend and the Movie Reviews, but is of most of the rest. They were converted between the beginning of August and mid-September.

Endervidualism This Weekend to CSS – Sept. 15

This Weekend (TWE) has true tabular data, not merely a layout table. Unlike the situation with the Classics page, it wasn't reasonable to attempt formating TWE without tables. Moving TWE to CSS was a bit more involved than most of the other Connections pages, but was worth the effort.


November 12, 2005

1) New Home Page format with CSS.

2) Classics page adds entry for Étienne de La Boétie.

November 19, 2005

1) Change Log implemented. Changes to pre-existing pages (such as those noted in the new home page's notebox area), and new pages which aren't of likely general interest (e.g. the change log itself), will be noted in this log in an effort to keep a record for several purposes.

2) Draft Resistance home page graphic link added.

November 22, 2005

1) Home page implements "wrapper" div container to better handle CSS window resizing so rightside icons don't overlap "canvas."

November 27, 2005

1) Donate page has multiple donate canvases: one for subscriptions, one for donations. Slight rewording of donation to "You specify amount..."

2) Change log switched to have most recent entries at top of index.




January 7, 2006

1) Added Sign Up page which has all RSS feeds and e-mail lists.

2) Added RSS feeds for Ender's Review and This Weekend to relevant pages.


April 8, 2006

1) Convert Tom Ender archive to enhanced "Front Page free" format (beginning of last steps for Front Page elimination at Endervidualism).

2) Added RSS feeds for Endervidualism columns to relevant pages, more pages will receive the new feed as they undergo the same treatment at the TE archive.


June 13, 2006

1) Convert Cat Farmer archive to enhanced "Front Page free" format (continuing steps for Front Page elimination at Endervidualism).


July 15, 2006

1) Convert Bob Wallace archive to enhanced "Front Page free" format (continuing steps for Front Page elimination at Endervidualism).

2) After problems with the last update requiring a reset of MSFT server extensions and the consequent large site update to rebuild those extensions (many due to unconverted movie reviews at this point), and since many pages no longer use Front Page features, some extra overhaul done (work continued into 7/16/2006 with steps for Front Page elimination at Endervidualism).


Sept. 15, 2006

1) Convert Sunni Maravillosa archive to enhanced "Front Page free" format (continuing steps for Front Page elimination at Endervidualism).

Sunni Maravillosa Archive all set.




January 3, 2007

1) Added Browser icon of magic wand for all Bob Wallace essays in his archive.

2) Added CSS print style for all Bob Wallace essays in his archive.

Bob Wallace archive all set.


May 31, 2007

1) Complete long on-going effort to convert movie reviews in the Movie Vault to new format.


June 20, 2007

1) Convert Matt Bryan's format and essay, add icon and put in guest/solo archive.

2) Convert Richard Rieben and anonymous formats and essays, add icons and put in guest/solo archive.

June 26, 2007

1) With latest essay, add icon and CSS print to Cat's archive.

Cat Farmer archive all set.


July 5, 2007

1) Convert Ali Massoud's format and essay, add icon and convert index for archive.

Ali Massoud Archive all set.

July 14, 2007

1) Convert Don Meinshausen's format and essay, add icon and put in guest/solo archive.

2) Convert I.M. Freeman format and essay, add icon and put in guest/solo archive.

Guest / Solo Archive all set.


August 2-3, 2007

1) Replace old favicon with new sitewide favicon.

2) Replace old home icon with new site/home icon.

August 8, 2007

1) Disable old column archive page redirect to new (ditto for /tw index)

2) Add icon, new format to Tom Ender archive.

Tom Ender Archive all set.

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