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Libertarian Ceremonial Magick


How to turn a Fundamentalist into a Tolerant Person

by Don Chaote

Hello. Perhaps you have read by now my account of how I organized the draft card burning at the 1969 Young Americans for Freedom convention (YAF: a right wing group) with the torch of Liberty. It is generally conceded that this was the modern beginning of the Libertarian movement.

Ancient Greek ceremonial magick is the place where drama was born. Ceremonial magick is the manipulation of symbols with intent. In fact it may have begun in a tent. My intent here is to show how an intolerant fundamentalist, who may harbor a deep prejudice against the goddess, may learn that tolerance is good for America.

I have much experience in this field from studying such famous stage magicians as Jeff McBride who is also a ceremonial magician. He has headlined in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, pagan gatherings, nation-wide television in addition to winning the Magician of the Year award.

I have organized as well as participated in ceremonies at the Parthenon, the US Capitol building and ancient temples in Egypt, Cambodia and Bali in addition to ceremonies in the primordial forests and deserts of the USA. But enough of my drug experiences, you want to see a magickal trick.

Now let us have a volunteer Ė if not a fundamentalist, then one who can pretend to be one. Someone who might fit H.L. Menckenís definition of a puritan: someone who lives in mortal fear that someone somewhere is having a good time.  If that is you, then what are you doing here among libertarians?

Now sir, one of those sins that you are opposed to is pagan idolatry. Is that correct?

And what difference does it make that these gods and goddesses are part of American culture? There is room for only one god? From your silence I can only assume that Atlas is shrugging?

And you believe that graven images should be smashed?

And all this goddess imagery is just an assault on American manhood?

Well, I occasionally deal in iconoclasm myself (maybe thatís why my dealing got me in trouble) but I do think that my goddess is sacred and powerful. I am willing to take a gamble and do an experiment giving you an opportunity to re-enact that ancient Christian ceremony of smashing graven images.  

I have decided to give you the opportunity of smashing my favorite goddess. The reason I am doing this is that I believe you will have a religious epiphany and become awe-struck rather than striking her. But itís your choice. Are you ready sir?

Well then, here is a hammer. Take hold of it. In my hand is a statue of my goddess covered by a pagan flag. You might recognize it as the American flag. The five pointed star or pentagram is an ancient pagan symbol and there are 50 of them on this flag. There are no Christian symbols on this flag; therefore one can assume that this is a pagan flag. Does your iconoclasm extend to this flag as well or just gods and goddesses?

She is covered, not because she is ugly, but because she only reveals her beauty and truth to real Americans. Of course, you might want to smash her, we get all types here.

I will now remove the pagan American flag and reveal THE STATUE OF LIBERTY.   Respected as a Goddess in ancient Rome, her temple was a refuge for political outcasts. When her statue was resurrected in New York City, Christians protested that a pagan idol had become the largest statue in America.

It is interesting to note that the largest outdoor statue in America is a statue of a Goddess. The largest indoor statue in America is a statue of the Goddess Athena (42ft.) located in Nashville, Tennessee. The statue on top of the US Capitol is a statue of the Goddess. And they say that this is a Christian country.

Bush has announced that to protect the Statue of Liberty from fundamentalist terrorists (theirs not ours) the statue will be outfitted with a burcqa. Complaints came from the fashionistas of NYC witch is the capitol of the world, if not the hood. Bush announced then that there would be a competition from Americaís leading designers for the coveted covered girl contract with French designers excepted. Fashion, smashion! It sounds like drape to me. Well, in a few years she will probably be ashamed to show her face here.

published at Endervidualism on  8/23/04

Don Chaote is otherwise known as Don Meinshausen (use his e-mail address to send him  feedback).  In the June 2004 issue of Liberty magazine there is an autobiographical article in which he describes how he invoked the libertarian movement by ceremonial magick.

Don Chaote is a 3 way pun. Don Quixote is a classic romantic tale of an anachronistic (anarchronistic?) hero and fool. Chaote is a contraction of chaos and tea. Many psychedelics are served in a tea and chaos theory is well respected in science. Coyote is known to the American Indians as a trickster spirit who brings wisdom and amusement.

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