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Financial Support

I have set up several ways so that those who wish may contribute money to the support of this site and its efforts. Financial contributions will go to pay for the site's hosting as well as improvements or expansions. Financial contributions to Endervidualism are not tax deductible.

If you have an account with you may use that to make non-recurring donations to Endervidualism through their Amazon Honor system. I previously also had PayPal buttons on this page, but have removed them due to problems, and actual loss of money which resulted.

I hope to add other ways to support the site in the future. Of course, shopping in the Agora or making a contribution of writing or something similar is always very welcome and does quite a bit to help support the site.

I have some ideas for some other non-financial ways to support Endervidualism and will be documenting them here when I have them worked out further. Please let me know any of your suggestions via e-mail.

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Buying products from our affiliates through this site will generate funds to support efforts here. Purchasing items in this way will not raise your costs, but will lower ours.

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