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Pursuing Liberty

Articles showing the positive influence of action in the pursuit of Liberty.

The White Rose and the Rose Parade

      By Cindy Sheehan from Common Dreams

"I rode from the Veteran’s for Peace Convention in Dallas on the 'White Rose,' a bus that had a huge ‘IMPEACH’ written on the side of it. On the bus was a picture of Sophie Scholl and her brother Hans and some of the quotes of the series of 5 leaflets that the Society spread denouncing Hitler from June 1942 to February 1943, when they were caught and executed. They were an obviously brave and moral group of wide awake Germans who sacrificed their lives to try and change the horrible direction that their nation was going in."

Wading into the muck

      By J.D. Tuccille from Disloyal Opposition

"[W]hy do I take any interest in the trite popularity contest now being staged by the two major political parties to pick their candidates for president of these over-governed states? If the ultimate winner is nothing more than a prettied-up tribal chieftain who will use political power to shed blood and crush freedom, why bother to pick a favorite? Well ... because if you know that somebody will be cracking the whip, it really does matter who has the whip hand."

The Left and Ron Paul

      By Jeff Taylor from CounterPunch

"Journalists with the corporate press are enthusiasts of war, empire, global capitalism, political correctness, Leviathan statism, and other respectable projects of the Power Elite. Such things are the antithesis of Ron Paul."

Ron Paul's Revolution

      By Stan Goff from Dissident Voice

"When we are at the point in history where we cannot change the electoral system, then we need to think tactically about what we can do right now. What will a Paul victory in the primaries do? Not whether a vote for Paul in the Republican primaries endorses his decentralizing philosophy on reproductive choice. President Paul will not be writing legislation."

Life in Amerika

Articles depicting the negative impact of politics on the cause of Liberty.

Criminals With Badges

      By Paul Craig Roberts from CounterPunch

"The American police have never prevented crimes. In olden days, the police solved crimes by finding the guilty party. No more. In our time, the police create crimes. And that is why the US prison population is twice the size of China's, an authoritarian country with a population four to five times larger than America's."

The Internet Gambling Ban: Why You Should Oppose It

      By Radley Balko from Reason

"Part of the problem is the mentality that comes with this kind of legislation. The gambling ban seems to have been supported by two similar approaches to governance that, although they come from opposite sides of the political spectrum, are generally quite similar. From the right, many feel that if they're personally morally opposed to a particular consensual activity, it ought to be banned for everyone. From the left, it's the mentality that because some people can't engage in a particular activity responsibly and without harming themselves, that activity ought to be banned for everyone. One is moral paternalism. The other is Nanny State paternalism. But the result is the same. The government makes your decisions for you."

The Fiscal Responsibility of Mall Rats and Bureaucrats

      By Jordan Ballor & Ray Nothstine from Acton Institute

"[W]hat if the federal government is actually less financially responsible than the American public? Could it be that the average mall rat, with all of his or her excessive spending and credit card debt, is actually a better steward of resources than the Washington bureaucrat?"

The Increase of Deadweight Losses

      By The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) from The Daily Reckoning

"[M]y heart is bleeding that the lowest paid federal judge is 'only' making $165,200 a year, which Mr. Roberts thinks is insufficient anymore, probably for the same reason that everybody else has for being dissatisfied with their salaries, too; prices of things are up so high! The salary of Supreme Court members, in case you were wondering, is $203,000, and Roberts himself makes $212,000. More than a million bucks every five years. I probably don't need to remind you, but I will anyway, that these salaries are almost 500% more than the average HOUSEHOLD income!"

Ordered Liberty without the State

Some people say it's Anarchy, some say it's not possible. It is an interesting topic.

DIY - “Do It Yourself”

      By Per Bylund from Colliding Softly

"Each and every one of us is to some extent acting hypocritical - this is a necessary condition in a society so totally entrenched with state control and state power. What separates the hypocrites from the non-hypocrites is whether the advocate for liberty makes sure to act as little as possible in the political realm or not."

The Failure of the Second Amendment

      By Manuel Lora from Strike The Root

"Gun ownership by itself is in the long term incapable of changing the power of the government. What society needs are intellectual weapons instead. There is nothing more disarming than the desire to be free. Opposition and resistance by millions is worth more than a few armed rebels. The role of the armed rebels is important, of course, but they can only thrive when the majority of the population supports the ideals of liberty, otherwise they would themselves be seen as criminals."

Why Don't People Get It?

      By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. from Ludwig von Mises Institute

"The problem comes down to a failure to understand that scarcity is a pervasive feature of the world and the need for a system that rationally allocates scarce resources to socially optimal ends. There is only one system for doing so, and it is not central planning but the free-market price system."

Authoritarians for Anarchy!

      By Vache Folle from St George Blog

"If there is a rule, I am apt to follow it without thinking about it. I wouldn't dream of trying to get through the express lane at the market with one too many items."

Spreading Decentralism

Articles demonstrating an increase in the dispersal of power.

A Horrible Idea

      By L. Neil Smith from The Libertarian Enterprise

"Clearly, we have entered a time of massive, sweeping political changes, with all sides shifting alliances and everything up for grabs. The Establishment is just barely keeping the whole thing suppressed just now, but their hold—witness the Ron Paul campaign—is beginning to weaken. A proposal like this could ride the wave of those changes, sweeping old things away, clearing the field for new things."

Bush-Clinton Duopoly Loses in Iowa

      By Robert Parry from

"The vaunted Clinton machine is sure to rev up its operations to salvage Hillary Clinton’s political future – and the Bush Family’s Republican Establishment likely will settle on an acceptable GOP representative to protect the status quo, possibly John McCain."

Tips for successful succession

      By Jim Cook from Dothan Eagle

"Fizzled news story of the day: A group of Lakota Indians have withdrawn from treaties with the U.S. and announced plans to form their own nation. Apparently the Lakota are unhappy with a $1 billion settlement offered to them by the U.S. government for land it took from them back when the U.S. was busy creating a country based on the ideals of liberty and democracy by slaughtering and starving all the previous inhabitants."


      By Jim Davies from Strike The Root

"I turned 90 in the year that government finally collapsed, so if anyone had cause for concern about that decapitation of the health care system, I was the one. At this age, one's good health assumes an importance never considered in the carefree days of youth and prime."

The New World Hegemon

Depictions of the coming Imperial power

Oligarchical decay

      By Glenn Greenwald from Salon

"[O]ur most powerful and well-connected elite are free to break the law with impunity, exempt from any consequences. While exempting themselves, these same figures impose increasingly Draconian 'law and order' solutions on the masses to ensure that even small infractions of the law prompt vigorous prosecution and inflexible, lengthy prison terms."

Hands Off Pakistan

      By Sheldon Richman from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"The claim that the assassination was an attack on democracy and freedom is dubious because Bhutto’s two spells as prime minister of Pakistan were not notable for either one. Whether it was an attack on the United States depends on what that means. It certainly was not an attack on the American people. How could it be construed that way, unless one has such an imperialist notion of 'our interests' that nothing can happen in the world without impinging on them?"

Big Brother gets bigger, says global privacy study

      By Elinor Mills from Tech news blog - CNET

"In terms of statutory protections and privacy enforcement, the United States is the worst country in the 'democratic world' and is outranked by both India and the Philippines on overall privacy protection. The U.S. has fallen into the 'black' category reserved for countries with 'endemic surveillance'."

We have everything to fear from ID cards

      By Andrew O'Hagan from Telegraph

"[I]n every country where ID cards have ever been introduced, they have changed the relation between the individual and the state in a way that has not proved beneficial to the individual. I am not just talking Nazi Germany, but everywhere."

Politics by Other Means

War, rumors of war, and politicians fomenting war.

9/11 Commission: Our investigation was "obstructed"

      By Glenn Greenwald from Salon

"Both legally and politically, it's hard to imagine a more significant scandal than the President and Vice President deliberately obstructing the investigation of the 9/11 Commission by concealing and then destroying vital evidence which the Commission was seeking. Yet that's exactly what the evidence at least suggests has occurred here."

The Establishment Unveiled

      By Butler Shaffer from Blog

"Why is anyone surprised that the upcoming 'debate' in New Hampshire - co-sponsored by the GOP and Fox News - would exclude Ron Paul? Such a decision only adds evidence for the proposition that the major political parties and mainstream media are a unitary system employed by the corporate-state establishment to maintain its authority over the nation."

Horton Hears a Who in Iowa: Kitsch and the Caucuses

      By Chris Floyd from Empire Burlesque

"How nice to be moved, while holding the proxy of all humankind, by the sight of Heartland Americans measuring our politicians against the nation's shared values and ideals. Just what those shared values and ideas might be -- if they exist at all outside the inflated, self-deluding rhetoric of our comforting myths and unexamined assumptions -- is left unsaid here. "

Gillespie vs. O'Reilly

      Nick Gillespie Interviewed by Bill O'Reilly from

"Nick Gillespie appeared on Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor on January 2, 2008 to discuss the Ron Paul phenomenon and American interventionism in the Middle East."

Spontaneous Order

Articles showing decentralized successes.

The Goal Is Freedom: Paul Krugman, Doctor of (Bad) Economics

      By Sheldon Richman from Foundation for Economic Education

"The first thing to note that is no advocate of free international trade ever contended that competition from low-wage countries doesn't create difficulty for someone. Life is change, and change requires adjustment. The changes wrought by free trade of course may require some people to alter their job plans. But world trade is hardly the only source of change. Domestic competition and innovation also require workers to make adjustments. Ask the slide-rule and typewriter makers."

What’s More American Than an American Flag Made in China?

      By Lois Kaneshiki from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"Do you want Americans making little flags to sell at circuses, or do you want them to be available to take higher-paying jobs that require more education? If you want to stick Americans in those unskilled jobs, I’ll bet that there will be Chinese scientists and Indian engineers and Pakistani computer scientists who will be more than eager to take your “American” jobs."

Mother Nature's Total Immune Boosting Breakthroughs

      By Shane Ellison from

"Prescription drugs only mimic a single isolate and rely on a single mechanism of action for effectiveness. Their non-toxic, plant based predecessors contain a multitude of active substances. And instead of depending on one single method of protecting the body, they work in unison to increase the power of the whole immune system. This is the 'adaptogenic effect.' Whether you are fighting flu, getting over whooping cough, or warding off the next Super Bug, adaptogens are your key to beating them! "

RIP DRM, as Last Major Label Plans to Ditch Restrictions

      By Jenna Wortham from Wired Underwire Blog

"As the major labels abandon DRM, it becomes increasingly likely that new distribution channels will rise up capable of challenging Apple's market-dominating iTunes Store. Amazon's DRM-free store, for instance, offers variable pricing. Social network sites like Facebook and MySpace could also potentially provide outlets for the sale of DRM-free songs as well. The record labels want that type of flexibility, which Apple has been reluctant to provide."

Nonspontaneous Disorder

Articles showing centrally planned disasters.

Thomas Edison gets the boot

      By J.D. Tuccille from Disloyal Opposition

"The truth is that there's always an overruling purpose that can be invoked to trump freedom -- just this once, because the stakes are so high. It might be the environment, or health costs, social cohesion, public order, or your immortal soul. Just about everybody you know has a bug up his butt about some issue that's just too important to leave to people to decide for themselves. For the collective good, decisions must be made from the top down."

Economic Outlook 2008: Darkening Clouds

      By Dominick Armentano from Ludwig von Mises Institute

"Presidential election years usually are not recessionary but next year will be an exception. Several economic factors are colliding in an almost perfect storm to markedly slow the general economy and the stock market."

Paying More for Less Beer

      By The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) from The Daily Reckoning

"This 'everybody takes a small hit', instead of a few people taking a large hit, is the whole freaking point behind derivatives, you ignorant morons! The stupid theory is that risk has been spread around, and now everybody suffers a little misery, instead of the scumbag banks and the Wall Street sharpies having to absorb all the losses themselves, even though it seems fair since they made all the damn money!"

Book Review: Seeds of Destruction, The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation by F. William Engdahl

      By Stephen Lendman from Global Research

"Today, we're all lab rats in an uncontrolled, unregulated mass human experiment the results of which are unknown. The risks from it are beyond measure, it will take many years to learn them, and when they're finally revealed it will be too late to reverse the damage if it's proved GM products harm human health as independent experts strongly believe. Once GM seeds are introduced to an area, the genie is out of the bottle for keeps. ... They're produced and sold to consumers because agribusiness giants like Monsanto, DuPont, Dow AgriSciences and Cargill have enormous clout to demand it and a potent partner supporting them - the US government and its agencies, including the Departments of Agriculture and State, FDA, EPA and even the defense establishment."

War Is The Health Of The State

War is the ultimate State intervention in society.

An Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove

      By Ted Rall from

"History is clear: Over and over again, the U.S. government places fascists in powerful positions. Once in office, they exploit wars and national tragedies to roll back hard-won freedoms. They're Democrats as well as Republicans."

Common Cause: Dems and Reps Unite for Imperial Overkill

      By Chris Floyd from Empire Burlesque

"The last two presidential elections were complete abominations that would have been condemned out of hand as skewed, corrupted and fatally flawed processes had they taken place in some other country – such as Ukraine, say, or Kenya. (And the presidential elections are just the tip of a large slushy iceberg in our [dysfunctional] democracy.) But beyond the electoral monkey business there is the aforementioned fact that only those who pay [obeisance] to the voracious American war machine are allowed to contend seriously for power. In similar fashion, only those who paid [obeisance] to Marxist-Leninist doctrine were allowed to contend for seats on the Soviet Politburo."

Pakistan and U.S. Foreign Policy

      By Michael S. Rozeff from

"How is the press interpreting the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan? ... The newspaper [Wall Street Journal] says it is boosting McCain and Giuliani’s candidacies. They are identified as anti-terror and national security candidates."

The Iraq Charade

      By Ramzy Baroud from Global Research

"Isn’t possible that the US allies decided to cease their violence and ethnic cleansing in Baghdad to give the impression that President Bush’s genius ‘surge’ strategy has paid off, thus discrediting all of his detractors, both at home and abroad? Is it not ingenious that the Iraq ‘success story’ is now, retrospectively, associating such upbeat and positive terminologies - security, peace, safety, hope - with a most sinister act, that of military invasion of a sovereign country and the subjugation of its people?"

Bits of History

The Past seen with a fresh look.

The Origin of Religious Tolerance: Voltaire

      By Wendy McElroy from

"Perhaps one reason that Voltaire's Philosophical Letters created such a backlash from the leviathan French state was that the logic [of] its arguments, if carried beyond religion, struck a blow at any attempt by government to impose common values or common practices on the people. Indeed, Voltaire's argument against homogeneity continues to have deep implications for the centralized policies of all governments."

We Are All Prussians Now

      By Charles H. Featherstone from

"A deeply unpopular government, in Pinson’s words, facing a unified opposition in parliament just plowed ahead as if it had the mandate of heaven, as it could and did command majority support among the people it governed. Despite whatever popular sentiment existed against Bismarck as chancellor, there was no popular sentiment against the state. And the political culture of Prussia did not allow for any opposition to either government or state."

David Frum on the Gold Standard

      By Robert P. Murphy from Ludwig von Mises Institute

"Let's turn for a moment to the popular Depression. Yes, the United States was still on the gold standard at the start of it, and FDR took the United States off the standard in 1933. So from Frum's interpretation, one would expect that the unemployment rate shot up to its highest levels in the first year — he said 'overnight' after all — and at the very least, started falling quickly after 1933 once FDR installed the shock absorbers. The only problem is that history looks nothing like this narrative. "

Jan. 1, 1801: Up in the Sky ... It's a Star ... It's a Planet ... No, Wait

      By Tony Long from Wired

"The first asteroid is discovered by Italian astronomer Giuseppe Piazzi. Piazzi, who christened it Ceres Ferdinandea (later shortened to Ceres when King Ferdinand IV fell out of favor, as monarchs have a tendency to do), at first thought he’d discovered a fixed star, but then detected it moving among the background of stars and decided it was a planet."

War and Peace

Articles showing the nature of War.

Misguided Meddling in Pakistan

      By Doug Bandow from

"For years the U.S. has attempted to mold Pakistan. The result is not pretty: an unstable, undemocratic state which possesses nuclear weapons, border provinces which offer safe haven to Taliban and al-Qaeda forces, and people who loath the American government. The murder of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto is merely the latest blow to Washington's plans."

I Suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Part 1

      By James Glaser from The Future of Freedom Foundation

"No veteran wants Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact most will fight it for years, and when things really get out of hand, they have to go through the embarrassment of asking the Veterans Administration for help."

Beyond the Bombast

      By David Isenberg from Cato Institute

"In the classic Shakespearean sense there has been much sound and fury over the status and intent of Iran's nuclear program, but not a whole lot of light has been shed. Much the same can be said about Ahmadinejad."

There Will Be Blood...But No Justice for Iraq Atrocity

      By Chris Floyd from Empire Burlesque

"It is also the historical legacy of every single public figure and presidential candidate who fails to stand up -- right now, today, and every single day-- and demand that this abomination come to an immediate end, and that its perpetrators face the full measure of justice for what they have done. Who gives a damn about Obama's 'elevating rhetoric' or Hillary's 'tough fight-back' in New Hampshire -- or any of the other soul-rotting bullshit of the presidential campaign -- when this innocent blood drenches us all, day after day after day? "

Great Individuals In History

Some people stand out from the crowd.

Mathematician/Engineer -- Camille Jordan : Jan. 5, 1838

      By J J O'Connor and E F Robertson from School of Mathematics and Statistics – University of St Andrews, Scotland

"His book brought permutation groups into a central role in mathematics and ... this work provided the foundation on which the whole subject [group theory] was built. It would also be fair to say that group theory was one of the major areas of mathematical research for 100 years following Jordan's fundamental publication. ... Jordan is best remembered today among analysts and topologists for his proof that a simply closed curve divides a plane into exactly two regions, now called the Jordan curve theorem."

Artist -- Henri Matisse : Dec. 31, 1869

      By Robert Hughes from Mark Harden's Artchive

"Matisse never made a didactic painting or signed a manifesto, and there is scarcely one reference to a political event - let alone an expression of political opinion - to be found anywhere in his writings. Perhaps Matisse did suffer from fear and loathing like the rest of us, but there is no trace of them in his work."

FilmMaker -- Carol Reed : Dec. 30, 1906

      By William McPeak from IMDb

"Reed would endure the sort of staid, boilerplate film making that characterized British B movies until he left this behind with The Stars Look Down (1940), his second film with Michael Redgrave, and his openly Hitchcockian Night Train to Munich (1940), a comedy-thriller with Rex Harrison."

Freedom Fighter -- Willi Graf : Jan. 2, 1918

      By Jenna from The White Rose

"He saw the misery of the civilian population afflicted by the war atrocities and even the murder of Jews. In April 1942, he was assigned to the Second Students' Company in Munich, in order to continue his medical studies. In mid-June of that year he met Hans and Sophie Scholl, Alexander Schmorell, Christoph Probst, Jurgen Wittenstein and, at a later date, Professor Kurt Huber. "


Books, Movies, TV, Media, Music, poetry, etc.

Keys to the Kingdom

      By Jim Windolf from Vanity Fair

"The story is set in 1957, and this time Dr. Jones goes up against cold-blooded, Cold War Russkies—led by Cate Blanchett in dominatrix mode—instead of the Nazis he squashed like bugs in previous installments. Making a return alongside Ford is Karen Allen, as Marion Ravenwood, Indy’s pugnacious true love...." [Oh yeah, I like that.]

The President's Analyst: One of the Most Satirical Films Ever

      Reviewed by Bob Wallace from UncleBob's Treehouse

"What, ultimately, is the movie about? The ultimate threat to us is the State, and especially the collusion between State and Corporate Big Business. Maybe we should be paranoid about them. They certainly don't have our best interests at heart. What does it celebrate? The important things – family, friends, fireplaces, snowy Christmases."

UWA 46: New Year's Rockin' Attic II

      By Warren Bluhm from Uncle Warren's Attic

"New Year's Eve is a time of review and renewal and resolutions, and I share some of my big plans for Ought-Eight in between fun shtuff...."

Netflix to Deliver Movies Directly to TV

      By Michael Liedtke from Wired News

"With more than 90,000 titles available in its DVD library, delivering movies through the mail is expected to remain Netflix's primary money maker for years to come. Nevertheless, Netflix has spent about $40 million on the development of its streaming service during the past year."

The lighter side

Humor, satire, cartoons, parodies, food, popular music and other things to amuse.

Harpootlian to take New Hampshire

      By Dave Barry from The Miami Herald

"The state is swarming with thousands of campaign workers, political consultants, pollsters, journalists, lunatics and Romney sons. The candidates are shaking every voter hand they can. Sometimes, in the dead of night, a voter will feel a strange sensation and wake up to realize that his or her hand is being shaken, right there in the bedroom, by a major presidential contender. This is why many New Hampshire residents lock their front doors at night, although of course that's no defense against the Huckabee campaign. Yes, it's an exciting, historic time for New Hampshire."

Hillary Repackages Herself as a Black Man - Bold Strategy to Win New Hampshire

      By Andy Borowitz from Borowitz Report

"In the wake of her disappointing third-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, there was consensus among Mrs. Clinton’s campaign aides that her presidential bid needed to be rebooted, but few party professionals expected her to change her race and sex with only five days to go until New Hampshire."

And the Winners Are: Al Gore, Al Gore, and Al Gore

      By Garry Reed from River Cities' Reader

"How many awards can Al Gore win from his worldwide coterie of sycophants? In the spirit of international political correctness, the former vice president was awarded the Nobel Has-Nothing-to-Do-with-Peace Prize for emitting toxic pollutants into the atmosphere from his worldwide jet-setting to lecture everyone else about halting global warming by adopting medieval lifestyles while he 'offsets' his own carbon footprint by screwing fluorescent light bulbs into the foyer of his energy-hog mansion. "

Well Worth the 20 Bucks

      By The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) from The Daily Reckoning

"Don't look to Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve, for answers, because that clueless, neo-Keynesian halfwit has no idea what in the hell he is doing, which I prove by noting that he is on record as saying on May 17 that 'We do not expect significant spillovers from the subprime market to the rest of the economy or to the financial system.' Hahaha! How wrong can you be? We're freaking doomed!"

Deep Thought

Scientific and scholarly studies, philosophical essays, in-depth and longer articles

The joys of idleness

      By Claire Wolfe from Backwoods Home Magazine

"Yep, idleness—true idleness, not soccer games or cocktails by the pool, but absolute, true Just Doing Nothing—can be so boring you can almost hear your fingernails grow. This is exactly— precisely!—when idleness begins to get good. Just stay right at that spot. Don't go turn on the TV set. Don't call up a girlfriend. Don't busy yourself in the woodshop (although later, much later, the woodshop may, for other reasons, become a place of joyful idleness). Just be bored for now. It isn't fatal. Eventually something, you can be sure of it, will bubble out of this deadening of mind and body. You'll recall some old dream you never followed through on."

What Is Property?

      By Per Bylund from Colliding Softly

"While the Lockean property concept, often championed by 'the right,' distributes rights to property 'forever and ever' and 'without limits' to how they are used (except for regulation through state coercion) , the Proudhon possession concept is extremely volatile and temporary. Is there no Aristotelian 'golden mean' or 'middle way' between these concepts?"

Reasons for Optimism

      By Jim Davidson from The Libertarian Enterprise

"Optimism is a feeling or an emotional point of view, which is consistent with a positive outlook for the future. It is something that I've felt strongly at various times in my life. It is strange to discuss reasons for an emotion. Emotions are not rational. However, if you are sometimes able to choose a mood, or set one, it might be reasonable to consider why optimism could be justified now. So, my task here is to set forth some reasons I see for feeling good about the future. "

Credit Expansion and Submarginal Investments

      By Art Carden from Ludwig von Mises Institute

"The current problems in the housing market suggest that we are reaping the rewards of easy credit. Increases in the money supply eased consumers' ability to borrow money and increased lenders' willingness to take on otherwise-questionable risks. Investments that would not have been made had the market reflected the correct interest rate will be made in an environment of incorrect prices in capital markets; all of the attendant distortions in the structure of relative prices will ensue, and the necessary correction may take some time to reveal itself."


Articles not easily classified

Dancing? + New Year's Resolution

      By Marina from

"My new video asks you all for your New Year’s Resolutions! ... I will feature some of them in an upcoming video… as well as give you mine!"

Solid Gold Silver Surge

      By The Mogambo Guru (Richard Daughty) from The Daily Reckoning

"And as for silver? I'm glad you asked! He thinks, 'Silver will clear $30 in 2008, as the (gold-silver) ratio falls below 40. A $1200 gold price and 40-to-1 ratio puts the price of silver at $30. Silver is the best play for 2008, but silver is never a smooth ride.' And if you think that silver could go to its rough 15-to-1 long-term ratio to gold, then a $1,200 per ounce gold price would mean an $80 per ounce silver! Wow! The stuff is selling for 15 bucks right now!"

Predictions 2.0: Things that will make you Cringe in 2008

      By Robert X. Cringely from InfoWorld

"The vote gets hacked. Electronic voting machines used in the 2008 [presidential] election will be hacked. But we'll only find out after Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is declared the winner in a landslide. The wrestler-turned-actor will vow to serve faithfully and muscularly, and a bitterly divided nation will embrace him (because, at this point, anyone else would be an improvement)."

Evaluating prospects for Linux growth in 2008

      By Ryan Paul from Ars Technica

"2008 won't be the Year of the Linux Desktop, but we can clearly look forward to seeing more rapid growth in the mobile and embedded markets as Linux-based phones and ultraportable products emerge and gain popularity. "

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