Archive of Lila Rajiva's Essays

  • A Tale of Two Globes

    “Unfair trade is yet another of the shiny slogans that festoon the spectacle of globalization like tinsel on a pole dancer. How can different regulations and practices in different countries constitute unfairness? Isn’t it the essence of trade that different countries have different things to offer – whether cheaper labor, or better technology, or more bountiful natural resources, or more welcoming business environments?”

    published at Endervidualism on  February 9, 2007

  • Rise of the Sofa Samurai

    “Ah – the media war. Until now we thought the war meant those cluster bombs going off in Baghdad. But we realize we were mistaken. It must have been the blood that got us confused! The real war we now see is on the front pages. Take cover!”

    published at Endervidualism on  February 8, 2007

  • Playing the Global Trade Game

    “We would like the state to stop telling us what to do…whether it is in airports, in our schools, or in our bedrooms…but we dig in our heels equally at efforts by global corporations to improve our water or our vittles at the expense of our health and with subsidies from our tax dollars.”

    published at Endervidualism on  February 7, 2007