Ban the Smoking Gun of Government from Schools

by Retta Fontana

ďDo men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. Ye shall know them by their fruits.Ē

The government take-over of schooling is simply wrong, not only on its face. Government by nature is destructive and serves only to grow itself; human casualties are utterly irrelevant. It matters not that they are but children. Government is a parasite which must be ripped, bleeding from the foundation of childrenís lives before it destroys their joie de la vie and delicate sense of humanity altogether.

These days I find myself in the unique situation of attending the same college as my son. We witness the harvest of government schooling. Besides the fact that Iím there to play with clay and heís there, hopefully, as a stepping-stone to other things, the main difference is that Iím old. Well, I seem old to traditional students because typically they are teenagers. Iím not really old, if you ask me, but they donít want to hear about that! I decided to stop arguing the point and try to have some fun with it.

Because of the age disparity between us, other students often assume that I am the teacher. Once I stopped resisting the Ďageí thing, I found that this mistaken identity brings to me no lack of opportunity for fun above and beyond making pottery. Dear reader, donít I always say that you should leave no stone unturned because you might miss something? When opportunity comes knocking just say, ďcome on in!Ē This is how we approached our first day of the new semester.

Making Waves

Like me, Young Tony is an extrovert. We like people. You never know when you might meet an intelligent one. Heaven knows there are plenty of sheeple. Anyway, like me, he has noticed the bizarre tendency of people in college classrooms, at least here in Metro Detroit, to thoroughly and completely ignore one another. Itís like being in an elevator - no one wants to be first to speak or make eye contact. It seems unnatural to me for young people to act like zombies this way, but as most of them are products of government schools, this is now the norm, at least in my limited experience. I have no reason to believe that this climate of fear is much different in other parts of the country, but I could be wrong. I hope I am.

Children who would ordinarily be bursting with life and explorers in this fascinating world of ours have learned to sit still and zone out all day long, in order to get through what has become their existence in the every day life of government school. A few years ago my daughter wanted to take a ride through the Ďfunhouseí of public school. Sis didnít last long. She summed it up this way: the hands of the clock turn very slowly, so all you can do is think about anything other than where you are. Answering a teacherís question, even if you wanted to, is nearly impossible because when youíre zoned out you have no idea what was asked. Anyway, everyone knows that the teacher is looking for the answer she wants, not something unique or creative.

Itís not as if no learning is happening in these government day prisons. Children do learn in high school not to speak to anyone. Unless that someone is already your friend, itís a bad idea. You might get beaten up or you might end up with someone 'uncool' who thinks they have the right to speak to you! Between not thinking or speaking, when these young people get to college theyíre thoroughly conditioned. No one in college is already your friend, so it isnít safe to speak to anyone. This is the ďsocializationĒ that home schoolers supposedly miss. What a fantastic waste of life and a thorough means of keeping children compliant.

My son and I usually find life a grand adventure and so do not to operate in this government-bred mindset. When Iím walking on campus I smile and say hello to anyone I pass if they will but make eye contact with me. It almost never happens. Are they all afraid? The social isolation on campus seems bizarre to us.

This semester was no different. I usually start off by speaking softly to someone near me in class. Young Tony, who is more gregarious than I, uses general icebreakers. Bear in mind that this is a home schooled kid, whom mainstream people consider to be not properly socialized.

While he was waiting for his teacher the first day, to the deafening silence he asked loudly and to no one in particular if this was a funeral or something. No one responded; not even a flicker. I suspect he would prefer to use a topic that would be of interest to 18 year-old females, but knowing of none, in desperation he tried ďdid anyone here see the Patriotís game yesterday?Ē To this he got one taker, began a conversation and probably made a new friend. It will now be Ďsafeí for this other fellow to speak to Tony for the rest of the semester. No one else in the classroom so much as turned a head.

Young people should never be forced to spend their precious, young lives in government propaganda day-camps (schools.) Iím sure itís not just my daughter whose main lesson was that one cannot afford to think or be aware of oneís surroundings. They all learn to shut down as a coping mechanism to the soul crushing hours of boredom, coercion and disrespect that is everyday fare in the public school system.

They have to learn to follow orders and sleepwalk day in and day out, in order to survive the experience. Theyíve learned to ask permission to eat or use the restroom and move about at the sound of bell. It sounds like prison to me. No wonder Ritalin and Prozac prescriptions number in the millions. On Friday nights young people almost have to get drunk and high to relieve the pain of this existence. They then move into a work life, which is much the same. Get up, go to work, do as youíre told, pay taxes, go home and get drunk, all in a sleepwalking daze.

High school conditioning also carries over well into the military. Tune out and turn off your humanity. Strangers are dangerous and the government will instruct you as to whom the dangerous ones are. Follow instructions and youíll be safe. Itís not a big leap to see how torture is then carried out in military prisons. You donít think; you just follow orders.

No wonder recovery programs of every stripe have millions of members worldwide, from substance abusers to bulimics to sex addicts. None of these people know how to have a healthy relationship with themselves or another human being. Government controlling every aspect of life in every corner of the planet may not be this situationís genesis (people want a big daddy to make it all ok) but it is the common denominator, the grease between the cogs that keeps it all up, running and growing.

A study of physics reveals that it is easier to keep an object in motion than it is to get it into motion. Imagine the will necessary to stop that motion. Will is all but completely gone in our statist society. Weíve traded it for a little security. It has vanished as surely as Jimmy Hoffa and itís been buried and cemented over by government schools. Government is intrinsically coercive and a quintessential self-aggrandizing evil. If we could only make ourselves vomit it out like the poison that it is.

Continued in Part 2: It's Good To Be King

 published at Endervidualism on February 20, 2007

Retta Fontana is an atheist, anarchist, baker, homeschooler, potter, parenting teacher and a student of Forex. Children are her favorite people. She lives in Metro Detroit.