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Advertising Policies and Rates

Sunni's Salon is an excellent place to advertise to a wide variety of freedom-loving individuals. And if you secure a long-term deal now, while the site is new and getting underway, you'll get the best value for your money. We offer several ways to advertise; if you're not sure what you want, we're happy to work with you to tailor your ad to our audience.

Small banner ads: These will go in the right sidebar of the Salon's home page, and on feature pages as they are archived. Banners should be under 10K in size, no more than 225 pixels wide, and be in .gif or .jpg format. To place an ad on the home page is currently $10/month.

Text ads: If you don't have a graphic that's easily adaptable to the Salon design or size requirements, consider a text ad (see the Price of Liberty ad on the home page for an example). A short and sweet ad for a price that can't be beat: just $5/month!

Text ads in emailed announcements are also an economical option: up to 5 lines of text (72 characters per line, including spaces) for $5 each run. Only two ads will be accepted for each email announcement; first come, first served, pending our approval of the ad.

If you'd like to do some targeted advertising, placing your ad on a page with relevant content for an extended period, please email us with your ideas and to negotiate rates. We make careful use of meta tags to optimize search placement of our pages, so even though the ad isn't on the Salon home page, it can still be seen by many individuals with an interest in your product or service.

Clueless about banner design?: Sunni can help! If you'd like a customized banner designed for use on Sunni's Salon (and elsewhere, if you wish), please email her to talk about your ideas. Banner design services are $50/hour.

We will only accept advertising which is consistent with our pro-freedom, individualist anarchist values. We reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason, or to pull an ad and refund any unused balance. Prices are subject to change. In lieu of payment in FRNs, we will consider other forms of payment on a case-by-case basis.

Contact us to place your ad, or to talk about your ideas.