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Welcome to my salon! If you're among those who wrote me after I left Free-Market.Net, commenting on how I'd be missed, then you can thank yourself in part for encouraging me to start this project. Even though I enjoy writing on my blog, Sunni and the Conspirators, that's a different kind of writing than what I did as editor of Freedom Book of the Month or FMNews. The essays I occasionally write for The Price of Liberty or Endervidualism are generally more focused on news or a specific idea than on culture. And that's what I plan to focus on here in Sunni's Salon: individualistic, pro-freedom culture.

While Tom and I were discussing our vision for Sunni's Salon, and planning how to make it happen, I was trying to think of a way to communicate what I hope to accomplish with it. The February print edition of Reason magazine arrived, and therein was the answer, in the form of a lofty goal. Reading Brian Doherty's essay on Isabel Paterson, titled Our Forgotten Goddess, I was reminded of her book column, Turns With a Bookworm. As I understand it (I've been unable to find any columns online), they were individualist-minded book reviews plus political commentary. Doherty provides more cause to adopt Paterson as my role model, writing that "[s]he knew that the individual mind was the dynamo that moved the world." That sentiment matches mine, as those who've read a good sampling of my work know.

In addition to discussing books -- both old and new -- I'll bring music in to the salon. Music has been a very important part of my life for as long as I can remember, and many genres -- not just anti-authoritarian rock music -- offer value to lovers of liberty. I'm also lining up a variety of interesting people for interviews to appear here from time to time. Thus, my hope for Sunni's Salon is that I can someday earn a favorable comparison to Isabel Paterson, and play some role in continuing the fine pro-freedom, individualistic tradition that she, Ayn Rand, and Rose Wilder Lane sparked in this country.

Your suggestions -- for books, music, interview candidates -- are welcome. If you'd like to receive an email announcement when each Sunni's Salon is published, please email me from the eddress at which you'd like to receive the text-only announcement. Please read our privacy policy if you're unsure about giving us an eddress. Or, keep tabs on the site via our RSS feed. In keeping with our focus on individual efforts, links to purchase books through the Salon will lead to pro-freedom and/or independent booksellers as much as possible. Your support, through using these links, is much appreciated. If you'd like to advertise your pro-freedom commercial, charitable, or personal venture, please see our advertising terms and rates, or email Tom.

The first column will be published next month (March 2005), approximately midmonth. Sign up today to make sure you won't miss it!

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