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[Editorial note: I'm pleased to offer a special Valentine's Day Salon interview, with the proprietor of one of the most popular sex-oriented blogs around. In order to get Bacchus' consent to be interviewed, I agreed to some topics being off the table. So what follows isn't exactly the freeform, no-holds-barred interview I prefer, but it is still a wide-ranging and intimate look at the world of sex blogging and the man behind ErosBlog.]

Sunni: Hi, Bacchus, and welcome to my Salon! This promises to be an interesting interview -- thank you for agreeing to do this. What would you like to say about yourself by way of a general introduction? There isn't a whole lot of stuff about you on your site, so I'm sure your regular readers are curious; I'm certainly curious about who you are!

Bacchus: Hi, Sunni, and let me just say I've been looking forward to this interview. Although I've responded to a few emailed press queries in the years I've been blogging, I've never before been asked for a detailed interview. How to introduce myself? [pauses] I'm just a guy pushing forty who noticed, back in 2002, that the blogging craze was long on politics and very short on sex. I thought "Why not start a sex blog?" I figured it would make a good hobby -- I'd been thinking about starting some sort of blog anyway -- and that maybe I could make a buck or two also.

Sunni: Now to the question that's been driving my curiosity: why did you link to my site? Why would a sex blog link to a site that is highly political and almost never features sex? It can't be the few pictures I have on my site; they're tame compared with what I've seen at ErosBlog. [laughs]

Bacchus: There's a very simple answer -- I like to read your blog. Like a lot of folks, I use my own blogroll to remind myself to visit blogs I want to remember to read. I've always had a link category for that purpose, and your blog is in it. I'm what you might call an apolitical anarchist.

Sunni: I had suspicions that you were somewhat sympathetic to my anarchistic perspective, especially when I saw spikes in traffic coming from your site, and saw that you'd linked to specific posts, for example the one about Bush calling the Constitution a "goddamned piece of paper". I imagine that entries like that throw a curveball to much of your readership; is that part of your intention?

Bacchus: It's really not my intention, but I guess it's inevitable, given my odd political views. I view government as a sort of disgusting bowel parasite that sickens and eventually kills whatever it infects. To me, talking about government is very disturbing, like discussing tapeworms and maggots at the dinner table. I can force myself to do it -- like you might force yourself to discuss parasites with your doctor -- but I don't enjoy it, and it's got no place on a sex blog that's trying to be entertaining. Every now and then, though, something like the story you mentioned gets my attention, and I can't help but react. Usually my reaction is some sort of horror or disgust. If it helps, when you see me post about political matters you can imagine me brushing ineffectually at a big slimy leech and screaming, "Yuck, get it off me!" I try to keep political posts very rare, and I usually regret them after I post them.

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