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J Bishop

Sunni: Hi J. Thanks for talking with me today, and on such short notice. Several people commented on the link to Help Me Impeach Bush in my interview with Jim Bovard, so it seemed a good idea to follow up on that. Has your site formally launched yet?

J: Hi, Sunni. No problem—thanks for having me. No, the site hasn't officially launched yet; the launch date will be Monday, May 15th. By that time, the site will have a lot more resources, links, and information up, as well as more details on my plan, and more information about myself. I actually wish I'd started on this a lot sooner, but every person has a breaking point and I guess I just hit mine. Previously, I had been content to sit back and watch other people fight the battle, but I guess something finally fell into place inside me, and I knew that I too had to do what I could to make sure Bush was impeached.

The idea behind is simple: it's made up of thousands of blocks on the main page, which people can purchase for pretty cheap. They can put any kind of image on their block that they want, such as a logo or motto. Most will probably include a link to their site, but even people without sites can buy blocks. And any money raised will go towards impeaching George W. Bush!

Sunni: I think most people do get into that mindset of I can't play because I don't have a blog or web site, but a block doesn't have to link somewhere, right? A person could just create a colorful pattern or do something else creative with the blocks ...

J: I just thought that the blocks thing was creative and eye-catching, and it turned out to be, but you've got a good point. On the site, I suggest that if one doesn't have a site, they can put anything up—a picture of their old grannie, a link to a site they enjoy or another impeachment site, really anything. Or if they don't feel like buying a block, or they just wanna give $5 or so, they can just donate money via PayPal or mail.

Sunni: I know why I'd like to see Bush out of office, but I'm curious as to what's driving your passion for impeachment.

J: Where to begin! [laughs] Everyone who pays even the slightest attention to the news can probably rattle off a list of reasons that Bush should be impeached: warrantless spying on Americans, revelations about lies up to and during the Iraq war, supporting torture, et cetera. Even Bush supporters know these by heart ... although they apparently don't mind them as much as the rest of us do.

Sunni: Thereby proving they don't live up to that compassionate conservatism bill of goods the American people were sold.

J: Right. By combining compassion with conservatism, they tried to play to both sides of the political aisle, but ended up failing both of them. My passion isn't driven by a specific one of those things I just listed, but a realization that unless someone took massive action, Bush and Co. would skate and never face responsibility for what they had done and continue to do. I'd say my passion for the goal of impeaching Bush is strongly related to my passion for justice.

Sunni: I can understand that, J., and I wish I could share in your hopefulness. Maybe I'm just a lot more cynical than you are, because it's increasingly difficult for me to see anything approaching justice coming out of the federal government. Between the astonishing ruling in the Hiibel case and their hearing the Anna Nicole Smith inheritance case, it seems pretty clear to me that the Supreme Court is just as capricious as lower courts. So I guess I'm not seeing where the justice would come from.

J: I know, it's hard to keep a positive attitude sometimes. But what are the other options? You can either watch the government, and be depressed, but try to change things, or you can ignore government as much as possible, and try to live off the grid. Like it or not—and I don't—government permeates almost every aspect of our lives, from the food we eat, to the houses we live in, to the cars we drive, to the way we raise our children. And it doesn't look like that will change soon, so I'd rather do what I can to get that monumental power out of the hands of the madman at the head of it all, George W. Bush.

End the War on Freedom!

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