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Sunni's Salon, January 2006

Did you despair of this month's issue ever seeing the light, it having appeared to follow Jimmy Hoffa? Well, there's little mystery behind the fate of the January '06 issue of Sunni's Salon—sorry to disappoint. Here's the story.

I had planned to feature my interview victim this month, in a way unusual for these pages ... and which required special formatting for each element of the Salon. So, wouldn't you know it, my victim falls ill and has ongoing health challenges! I have just recently heard from this individual, and while an interview isn't entirely out of the picture, it isn't very likely to happen anytime soon.

Thus, I've decided to go ahead with the rest of the January issue, without any interview at all—as January 2006 is so far behind us there's little point in trying to accurately recapture that moment in time anyway. And there's some wisdom in that observation, for those willing to do the work to find it.

The rest of this issue was completed, and waiting for the interview, when word came that waiting longer wasn't a good idea. That isn't to say this interview will never happen—both of us are hoping that isn't the case!— but we'll move forward with plans, rather than trying to continue to freeze time. So, in this issue I review a powerhouse of a novel by Ursula Le Guin, The Lathe of Heaven, and reveal my successful infection with Zevonophile and other odd spores in the Musical Maunderings. I also found some very interesting chaps writing on liberty, who are showcased in this month's webby wanderings.

If this isn't your cup of tea, go ahead and crank up The Time Warp and flip to another section of the Salon. Tom and I are perfectly okay with offering old goods that age well, and as we looked through these that seems to be the case. To complete the living in the past theme, we have an assortment of lovely aged cheeses and appropriate spirits to enjoy with them. Welcome, very belatedly, to January in Sunni's Salon!

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