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Sunni's Salon, March 2005

Spring is almost upon us, even in the northernmost states, and most individuals are probably looking forward to it -- planning gardens and summer vacations, hoping to finally get that backstop for a shooting range in the back yard set up; all the plans and hopes hoarded and tended in one's mind over winter are finally close to bursting loose along with the crocuses and daffodils. While I'm doing my share of looking forward, in my typically (and literally) gauche fashion I'm also looking back.

It's been nearly four years since the U.S. government launched its self-styled, ironic terrorism jihad. What do they have to show for their efforts? Certainly not greater liberty, neither in the Middle East nor here, in the land I've begun referring to as the U.S.S.A. Hatred of Americans, driven by our so-called leaders' vainglorious quest for domination, is high worldwide. Nor have the govgoons seen any improvements in domestic areas they claim require their unique skills for managing: the economy, education, and law enforcement, among others. However, lest one be tempted to think there's no bright side to political trends over the past few years, I have glimpsed hints of one.

The shackles that the state has put upon us, and is attempting to put on peaceful individuals in other countries, are starting to chafe on more individuals. In my wanderings, both in the area where I'm currently living and around the internet, I'm finding more people who are unhappy at restrictions on their individual liberty. They're starting to see: the idiocy and utter uselessness of TSA "security"; the ominous threat of economic collapse from the state's profligate spending habits; and the imminent, thorough police state that Homeland Security and a National ID will usher in.

Now, that's not to say that most mainstream Americans have put all the pieces together, much less that they're rising up to cast off the chains that have bound them for so long. Awakening is, for most people, the hardest part of the day. So, too, it is with political awakenings. Those of us who are more fully roused can help the transition by showing them that their awakening isn't to a fearsome Brave New World, but to the possibilities of a genuinely better world: a world where individuals are responsible for themselves, and mind their own business; where freedom isn't a hollowed concept or a license for licentiousness, but a fundamental necessity for civil interactions of all sort, from families to businesses to strangers passing on a street. There's a deep spring of independent, tolerant, rights-respecting culture ceaselessly burbling, waiting for more individuals to sip and savor its sweetness. It has a rich history, and can be found even today amidst all the bad news, in books and movies and music. It's one of my goals to help direct interested individuals to that spring, to help them awaken more fully and productively.

Okay, maybe it's past time for my next Soma dose. But it's spring, and I'm an optimist at heart. I'm not ready to give up on mankind; and I'm never going to yield my ground to the statists who believe they rule me. And, I'm always going to delight in helping awaken others to the joy of freedom.

For your enjoyment this month, Tom and I are pleased to offer you a feature in each section of Sunni's Salon. The books I've reviewed are Richard Rieben's The Libido of Liberty and Blundering Social Bodies. I managed to corral two busy gentlemen for an interview, and offer a wide-ranging interview with Vin Suprynowicz and Scott Bieser. In the Musical Maunderings section, you'll learn what tunes I've been listening to most over the past month; and last, join with me in my Webby Wanderings to see the off-the-beaten-path freedom-oriented sites that have captured my interest. We hope your time spent in Sunni's Salon brings some delight to your day. Your feedback is welcome.

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