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Sunni's Salon, April 2006

As those of you who know me personally or who've read my ramblings at Sunni and the Conspirators can attest, I am nothing if not passionate. I view that as mostly a good thing; my passion keeps me engaged, and spurs me to action. Yet it sometimes brings me to the brink of burnout, and more often than I care to admit plunges me into paralysis. There are many paths to choose from, and despite the multiplying signals from my body that it has passed its apogee, I want to explore so many of them. But how to decide which to take? And in what order? Prioritizing has never been among my skills. The increasingly urgent ticking of the clock does not help me decide what to do with the time that is given me. I sometimes think that I love life itself too much to be really effective at living.

And so I end up muddling through it all as best I can, exulting in my successes and castigating myself for perceived as well as real failures. On balance I enjoy it, of course, or I wouldn't still be here. It is always a delight to find other freedom-loving, passionate individuals, too. Sometimes they blaze like a lighthouse; sometimes their energy lases, making it more difficult to detect unless you're careful and/or patient. I'm sure I've missed some of those lasing individuals, but having experienced rich rewards from spotting a few, I try to keep an eye out for more.

Spring encourages passion, as birds and blooms burst forth in exuberance. I feel myself doing the same thing, after a particularly difficult winter has (mostly) yielded the stage. All the contributors to this month's Salon deserve some credit for helping reignite my positive passions, starting with a fun interview with the irrepressible Jim Bovard. This month's book review focuses on both a person and a process I'm passionate about, and the webby wanderings highlight some stimulating pro-freedom colleagues. Last, both bands getting heavy play this past month never fail to energize me.

April will soon be yielding to May ... Should I try to start an herb garden? How about dusting off the bike and getting some more exercise? What about pursuing other travel adventures? Or do I have my hands full enough with my online activities and starting a new business? Right now, the only answer I can give is an enthusiastic, Yes! The details will sort themselves out, as my passion points me down certain paths. And it'll be fun. Tom and I welcome you to Sunni's Salon, where we hope you always find something to fire your passion. If you've a mind to, please help us direct the heat more accurately.

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