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Sunni's Salon, May 2006

Being an increasingly curmudgeonly wench—and one who's long been quite stubbornly individualistic—I've gotten accustomed to receiving accusations of heresy for things I say. Sometimes amusing, sometimes bemusing, they generally haven't meant much to me. Individuals are individuals, after all, and my typical response if I perceive that someone is trying to fence me in is to dodge the fence somehow. I've just never been good at accepting any party line in total.

That has sometimes caused distress for fellow freedom-lovers, especially among those who think there's One Right Way to achieve liberty. I'll admit to a wee bit of pleasure in tweaking such folk, but largely, I'm just interested in discovering what works for me, and what might help secure more liberty longer for future generations. If that process leads me into territory that others might find uncomfortable or threatening, well, so be it. I never said anyone needs to follow ... and name-calling from terra firma generally isn't helpful when slogging through the bogs.

So, May in Sunni's Salon finds me slogging through some bogs that others might not want to wade through. The anarchist, nonvoting Snake has taken up the banner for impeaching Bushnev; and this month I interview one of the leaders in the crusade, J Bishop of The May book review focuses on another tinderbox, that being religion; and I must credit author Jerome Tuccille with being an important catalyst in bringing this heretical theme together. The Musical Maunderings and Webby Wanderings are safer territory—well, maybe if you consider paganism safer than Catholicism.

May has always seemed like a slider month to me. By that I mean that spring is usually in full force when May's skirts begin to twirl, and the hint of summer's lovely blush has many folks eager for June. Caught up in my own swirl of plans and enjoyments, May slid by yet again for me, but I hope that the lateness of the May Salon doesn't diminish its pleasure for you. Please come in, help yourself to the sun tea or raspberry lemonade, and select a comfy chair. Tom and I are happy to have you back, and hope you're as delighted by what you find here as we are to bring it to you.

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