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Sunni's Salon, June 2006

Ahhh, June! Summer's blush deepens along with the season's warmth, and it's increasingly difficult to focus on the follies and foibles of mankind when there's so much beauty and enjoyment to explore outdoors. So, after the heresies of May, let's shift focus, to some salvations. In my view, a life well lived spans a very wide range of experience, and while pain and challenge are often very effective teachers, the lessons are best tempered with pleasure.

I find pleasures in a wide variety of things and activities, and have tried to bring a good sampling to you this June in Sunni's Salon. That begins with a joyous rediscovery I shared with my children—of Astrid Lindgren's best-known little girl, Pippi Longstocking. Delving into those stories again has been a refreshing dive for my aging and wearying soul. Being back in the upper midwest, where the days are long and filled with warmth, has led my Webby Wanderings to focus on horticulture in varying ways. The musical maunderings stray from my typical tastes, but are similarly inspiring and soothing. And I'm especially pleased to bring to you a long, wide-ranging (sometimes reaching back into heretical subjects), sometimes intimate conversation with my good friend and budding novelist B.W. Richardson. Over our 15 pages of interview, we consider freedom from many angles, discuss emotional thickets, religion, and of course, freedom and culture, with emphasis on the season's movies. It was an inspiring, stimulating, and rewarding conversation for me, and I hope you find worthwhile morsels in it as well.

Each month, I try to bring you the very best of what I've discovered, and what I've been thinking about, in this space. And not to diminish previous efforts, but this June I think circumstances have come together to produce an exceptionally good Salon. Tom and I are pleased to welcome you to summer in Sunni's Salon, where our summer pagoda has been set up and well stocked for your reading pleasure. As always, your thoughts are warmly welcomed.

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