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Sunni's Salon, September 2005

The hummingbirds sense it, as do the bees and wasps. The days have gotten short enough, I suppose, and a few cool nights have told them that fall's on its way.

I love fall, and have ever since I was a child. The days hover indecisively between lingering summer heat and winter's approaching cold, producing crisp temperatures on even the most sun-soaked days and blue skies that beckon one to escape gravity's hold and swim in their depths. I also enjoy the melancholy that comes with the close of another cycle of nature's bounty. Sometimes it's only through sadness and pain that we really understand how important some things are to us, and why they're important; unlike some, I'm comfortable with embracing less-happy emotions, because they are often better teachers.

Last year, I departed from my typical incipient-fall basking, and made a conscious decision to improve my life and my outlook. As the summer hands off to fall yet again, I feel the melancholy murmuring ... but this year, it's accompanied by a new sense of strength and pleasure in being alive. The Salon echoes all these feelings this month. Wolf DeVoon was my first Payola customer; it was a treat to read his online novel, Mars Shall Thunder; and I hope he finds my review worth what he paid for my services. My musical preferences seem to have gotten stuck in the "M" folder of our library, but one shouldn't conclude that it isn't a diverse set of tunes I've been enjoying. I'm extremely pleased to offer a fun peek into the man who's the driving force behind Loompanics Unlimited -- the inimitable solipsist-anarchist Mike Hoy. As for my webby wanderings, I've veered from new pro-freedom blogs from friends to more general informative and fun sites, including an intriguing take on bringing sunlight into one's home.

Yes, it's been a rough month in many parts of the world, and undoubtedly we'll continue to hear more about just how bad things continue to be. Last year the strains of One Little Victory by Rush helped me keep setting one foot in front of the other; I hope that all freedom-lovers facing tough challenges in their lives have or find something similar that helps their spirits break free in celebration of accomplishment. Although it's still nice on the porch, the cooler weather and increasingly feisty hummingbirds prompt us to issue an invitation to sit a spell in the kitchen, where the fare wanders from iced peppermint tea to coffee and Kahlua, and pear sorbet to freshly-baked cinnamon rolls. Tom and I are pleased to welcome you back and see to your comfort as you share some time with us this glorious September.

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