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Sunni's Salon, September 2006

What a roller-coaster ride the past three months have been for me! Just when I tried to focus on improving several areas of my life, my physical health dove and pretty much wrecked my progress and my plans. I had essentially no energy for anything beyond getting through the days. Now that the crisis is past, I'm focusing on getting things done. In doing so, I found that theme has carried over to other areas, most notably this delayed September issue of Sunni's Salon.

Indulge me in a bit of explanation, please. I've long valued personal efficacy, and have strived to be a person others can depend upon. However, it's seemed to me that my passionate nature often conflicts with maintaining an acceptable level of efficacy. I encounter an interesting idea or person, or a new outrage or project fires me up, and more often than not, off I go, barreling toward new windmills when I've not fully vanquished any in the swarm around me. How to balance these elements? Organization. I've realized that organizing and prioritizing doesn't mean the end of my enthusiasm, but just putting it in a context that should help me keep my word better—to myself and others. [Thank you, Gospazha and Kirsten, for your gentle but effective assistance in this area.] It's already working, and I'm hopeful you'll see more of that in the months ahead.

Reflecting on these issues also brought me to the realization that I've been expecting too much of myself. Writing here and elsewhere, trying to start a business, being a full-time parent, and enjoying my life is more than a full slate for even the most organized person. And that ain't me ... So I've made the difficult choice to scale back some projects for now. Starting immediately, Sunni's Salon will switch to a bimonthly publication schedule. Doing so will allow me to maintain the quality I strive for, while reducing the near-constant time pressure a monthly schedule has. Without that time stress, some of the enthusiasm that's ebbed from this endeavor of late should also return. [Thank you, LewLew, for your recent infusion of enthusiasm.]

With my new-found understanding and energy, I'm finding it enjoyable to be getting things done. And I'm especially pleased to be sharing with you other individuals who're doing likewise in their respective areas. That's perhaps most obvious in this month's interview with Marc Victor. Between his busy criminal law practice and the crush of preparations for the Freedom Summit, Marc squeezed in a bit of time to talk with me; the result is a short but intriguing interview that I hope to follow up on someday when he isn't insanely busy. For freedom lovers who expect to try to weather the totalitarian storm that appears to be poised above us, inspiration may be found in my review of Invisible Allies. My wanderings around the web don't focus as crisply on freedom this month, but instead offer some retro enjoyment, a discordian writer's funhouse, and another online means of slipping through the state's taxation nooses. The music I've been enjoying spans a fellow freedom-lover's original compositions, an all-girl band, and the first artist to be featured a second time.

It took much longer than expected, but Tom and I are very happy to be back, and are refreshed and pleased to be welcoming you to fall in Sunni's Salon. Pumpkin cheese cake and apple cider are now on the virtual menu; if you want something more tangible from my kitchen, that option's now available too. Thank you for your patience, and even more for your patronage. Don't hesitate to let us know how we can better serve you here. We'll see you with another tasty issue at the beginning of November!

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