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Sunni's Salon, October 2005

When Tom recently reviewed Harold and Maude, I promised myself I'd watch that movie again, and soon. It's a quirky little movie, and I like quirky movies, but this one is even better than most because it's unabashedly individualistic. So, just a few days ago I was entranced for just the second time -- by Maude mostly, but also by Harold's blooming over the course of the movie.

There's a lot of upheaval in our family right now, as we're preparing for a move to a different region of the country; it brings with it some personal challenges for me as well. Illness and death have been frequent subjects of conversation with various friends; they heighten the sadness that fall always brings to me. Although watching Harold and Maude could have accentuated the negative in my life right now, I find I'm often humming what I think is the best song from its soundtrack. The part stuck in my brain goes: "If you want to sing out, sing out/If you want to be free, be free/'Cause there's a million things to be/You know that there are".

So that's what I'm doing -- singing out and being free. Despite the stress of deadlines and packing and wired children who, if given the chance, undo the day's packing progress, I'm happy. Despite some bumps in the road, life is good and it's gonna get better. I know because I'm determined to make it so. And I refuse to allow any statist asswipe to keep me from enjoying my life.

A person's temperament is to some degree genetically based. That doesn't mean, however, that there's little latitude for choosing to be more positive or negative when faced with challenges. I don't always succeed, but I usually try for the positive -- the constructive -- perspective. That's perhaps most evident in October's musical maunderings, where I offer up 20 tunes from various artists that are among my favorites. My webby wanderings focus almost exclusively on newer pro-freedom resources, with one silly, fun diversion. And for folks who are serious about breaking free of the constraints of the wage-slave lifestyle, Claire Wolfe's new book will be a welcome assist.

This month, as the light dwindles more with each passing day, and as challenges continue to mount, I'm choosing to sing out. I hope that you're able to do likewise in your corner of the world. Tom and I welcome you to Sunni's Salon with big glasses of freshly-pressed apple cider and homemade popcorn balls. We hope you enjoy your visit, and encourage any constructive feedback you wish to share.

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