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November/December 2005

When it comes to music, this time of year sucks like no other. Now, I've nothing against Christmas/holiday music as such, but when it starts playing in stores before Halloween and is unavoidable through the end of December, it's too much. And don't get me started on the ironies of today's [cough] stars [cough] -- whose recent hits explore themes like how far down one's throat a tongue can go or how badly she wants a guy -- singing O Holy Night.

I'm one of those mutant individuals who has a very difficult time tuning out music. It's been an important part of my life since childhood, and many songs carry deep meaning or other personal significance for me. So, instead of offering a half-hearted list of holiday music or somesuch, here's a list of songs that almost always bring me to tears because they mean so much to me. No, I won't tell you why; I'm not sure myself why some of them do that. They're also in aphabetical order by artist -- there's no way I could rank these tunes in any other meaningful order. I hope you smile at some of the songs, and perhaps discover some worthy artists as you explore the list.

Sunni's "More Meaningful than Holiday Tunes" Song List

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