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Payola has become a popular dirty word again. To our minds, there's nothing wrong with paying someone for a service -- that's part and parcel of a thriving free market. But in some cases, it's a good idea, in the interest of full disclosure, to let others know of the for-pay arrangement.

Thus, Sunni's Salon proclaims that it's open for pro-freedom authors' payola business. If you've written a creative piece -- whether a novel, short story, poem, or even music -- and you'd like it reviewed, Sunni is your gal. The terms are simple and straightforward:
1]. Upon a successful negotiation of payment for the work to be reviewed, Sunni will read/listen to your creative work. It is the payer's responsibility to deliver or direct Sunni to the file(s) to be reviewed.
2]. Sunni will then publish, at Sunni's Salon (and possibly elsewhere), a full review of the work (no fewer than 350 words). The review will occur within three months of the contract's acceptance (i.e., three months of Salon publications) or payment will be forfeit.
3]. The review will unequivocally state that Sunni was paid to review the work, although the amount of payment and the payee will remain confidential, except under the conditions stated below, in Rule 5.
4]. Payola reviews will be undertaken on a first-come, first-served basis.
5]. Payment in accordance with the terms accepted by both parties will be expected within 30 days of the review's publication. If it is not received within that time, public notice of default of contract will be made.
6]. Neither Sunni Maravillosa nor Tom Ender will make or imply any statements regarding the number of viewers for any specific review, nor sales projections from any review. However, Sunni has a long-established, good reputation as a libertarian reviewer; and Sunni's Salon, while still rather new, gets strong traffic that continues to grow every month.

Please make sure you read and understand what these six rules say and do not say. Unhappiness with the content of a review does not relieve one from the responsibility of paying for the work undertaken.

Are you game to get your pro-freedom work more attention? Contact Sunni to begin your payola negotiations. And thanks -- we appreciate your business!