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Privacy Policy and other Legalistic Mumbo-Jumbo

No weaseling or waffling over privacy here, and no squishy "evolving online privacy" crap. Here's our deal, straight up:

Your eddress and IP information are not pieces of data we have collected for the purpose of selling, renting, sharing, or intentionally disclosing to any third party in any way at any time. Your eddress will be used solely for purposes of sending out Sunni's Salon notifications and any necessary administrative messages; we will do our best to ensure your eddress is never revealed to others in the course of that business.

We won't ask you for any personal identification information, either on the site or in any mass-mailing. Your movement through the site may be collected and examined from time to time. If you're simply a visitor, it will only be looked at in aggregate data (i.e., web site traffic analysis), and only for the purposes of improving the site's content and/or structure. If you come here with malice in mind, and show signs of attempting to hack, spam, or otherwise damage the site or Endervidualism in general, you can expect to have your information noted and used against you.

Hell no, we won't voluntarily cooperate with any LEO request for records!

If you enjoy the information here, you're welcome to share it, in whole or part, with others who you think will be interested in it. Please do not spam with Sunni's Salon content. If you post an entire article to your web site, please be sure to provide clear author credit and a link back to Sunni's Salon.

If you send email to Sunni Maravillosa and/or Tom Ender addressing content in Sunni's Salon, please indicate if we can use it on the Salon or in promotional copy. Comments may be edited for clarity and/or brevity. We regret that we're unable to respond to every email we receive.