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February, 2009: Freedom Gardens; The Thomas Jefferson Hour; VEC; and much more

July/August, 2008: The Doctor Within; The Freedom Symposium; Shorpy; Godchecker, and much more

July/August, 2007: Murphy’s Bye-Laws; Talent is a Force, Not a Tool; Negative Calorie Foods; Html codes for special characters; and The Museum of Unworkable Devices

May/June, 2007: One Small Voice; Rants and Raves; Season Shot; and more

March, 2007: Check Your Premises; COLOURlovers; and more

January, 2007: Beyond Ballots or Bullets; Authentic Happiness; Into the Libertarian Labyrinth; Junk Food Science

November, 2006: Presto's Ramblings; The World's Healthiest Foods; Uncle Warren's Attic

September, 2006: Halfbakery; SwapThing; and more

July, 2006: Ali's Voice; L. Neil Smith at Random; and more

June, 2006: Wild Food; Mark's Fruit Crops; and more

May, 2006: Pagan Vigil; Classically Liberal; Golden Jackass

April, 2006: The Zone; Lunaya Pravda; Yak Attack; Deja Vu

March, 2006: Uncivil Defence; The Science Creative Quarterly; Etsy

February, 2006: Police State USA; Get Your War On; Self-Sufficiency in Style

January, 2006: Technoslavery; Wirkman Netizen; and more

November/December, 2005: Montag; The Freedom Library; Better Than Yours; and more

October, 2005: The Idle Mind; Living Liberty; The Medical Freedom Channel; and the Sorting Hat

September, 2005: The Time Sink; Winemaking Blog; Sunlight Direct; and Language Log

August, 2005: Mad Prophet's Domain; Liberty and Culture; St. George blog; RV Unfriendly; and Facing Dictatorships Realistically

July, 2005: The Liberzonian; Genus haha; Uncommon Sense; A Pox on All Their Houses; and How Much is That Worth Today?

June, 2005: individual-i; Upaya; Living in Mexico: Alaskan Blog

May, 2005: Enjoy Every Sandwich; The Christian Anarchist; The Fontifier; and Creating Passionate Users

April, 2005: Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, Tiny Houses; Doctrinity: Apesnake

March, 2005: Plug Nickel Times; Redneck Feminist; to herd or not to herd