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January 2006


Many individuals see the benefits of technology, while also recognizing the risks, particularly when the state pokes its nose in. Technoslavery helps clarify the risks without delving into overly fearful rhetoric. Organized by broad categories, such as biometrics, computers, and automobiles, it provides a look at the creeping omnipresence of the state in the USSA and elsewhere.

Site overview: Ominous black page with white and green text may seem unnecessarily scary to some, but it's not as bad as others I've seen, and is easy to read. Opinions are kept to a minimum; much of the material is directly quoted from news sources, and includes URLs for those wishing to see the original reference. Technoslavery isn't a blog, so while the information is organized by category, it's difficult to know when it's been updated (no RSS feed, alas). Monkey wrenching and avoidance ideas are absent, but that's an entirely separate topic, and so shouldn't count against this fine resource.

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The apparently-obligatory description atop each Blogger site informs us further: "the opinions and writings of a stoic libertarian hasher law student". The home page reveals Mr. X to be Nicholas Sarwark, and says that what he's sharing is viewed through a "small, frosted window". Well. If that doesn't clue one in that this isn't a typical law student's self-absorbed whinefest, how about a quick perusal of subjects he's addressed recently? That'd include a podcast on Epictetus' The Discourses, a cool music app, and the best idea I've seen in a very long time. Easily enough good material to overlook him being an LP activist (it's a joke, folks!).

Site overview: Spare Blogger site in stark black. A few graphics and Google ads may slow load times, but not overmuch. RSS (Atom) feed available; and comments are open. As with other sites I really like, I'd say, More please! but given the quality of much of his content, I'm content with his pace.

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An ersatz blog by the ever-interesting Wirkman Virkkala. I call the site ersatz because it seems to be a substitute for a more structured blog (don't ask me to explain his site structure, including the Instead of a Blog section, because I wander around and see the same things in different places, and always end up confused as to where I am), while retaining some of the finer elements of blogging. The first of these is content. Where else would I learn that some places consider musical scales and intonations as intellectual property, consider joining the Null Rand League (although I couldn't in good conscience), remember that I need to get some Sibelius again, and probably get some Honegger too (see the near-bottom of the extremely long blue left sidebar), and learn yet another reason why Microsoft sucks?

Site overview: I've already said I can't figure out Virkkala's underlying logic, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying his site. Mostly white with black text, the patches of color and graphics add an eclectic style without bogging load times. No commenting (that I've been able to find, anyway), and no RSS. Bookmark it and drop in whenever you've some time to browse his thoughtful commentary.

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