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March, 2005:

Plug Nickel Times:

I'm still fairly crispy after all the news-gathering I did while working at Free-Market.Net, and have little ongoing interest in much of what the mainstream media bleats about. That's not to say keeping tabs on politicians' shenanigans and other things that have a direct impact on a person's ability to live free isn't important: it is. But one can burn out on all the information that's available in pretty short order; and more importantly, that "news" often serves as a serious distraction from the business of freeing oneself from its grip as much as possible.

Thus, when I want news, I often turn to Plug Nickel Times. It covers a wide range of news stories of interest to freedom-lovers, mostly from mainstream media. The news page features selected items over a span of several days, and an archive page is available for older material. There's also a Soapbox for a selective spin through freedom-oriented commentary that caught the PNT editor's eye.

It isn't updated daily, nor is it as extensive as some other libertarian news-and-opinion-gathering outfits. But Plug Nickel Times suits my current needs just fine. If all you want is a quick dip in the statist news pool, it might suit yours as well. If not, while you're on the site you might wish to explore its other side -- to see the beautiful handicraft of PNT's creator in wood, stone, and other natural materials.

Site overview: Clean, easy navigation; fast to load; link behavior clearly explained; eddress easy to find; no RSS/Atom feed at present. Well worth a bookmark and regular check-ins.

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Redneck Feminist:

A spunky blog by a "rural-dwelling, gun-owning believer in freedom". She's young, but unafraid to take on the likes of the Independent Women's Forum. Her interests appear to be fairly wide, especially given someone very busy with launching her adult life. Alas, when I checked back to verify links, I see that "Red" is scaling back her blogging because of the demands on her time.

Site overview: Pretty straightforward "Blogger" blog; fast to load. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Dependent on Blogger's functionality, which has been problematic lately. Mix of personal/political commentary; infrequently updated. Solid pro-freedom commentary when she has the time for it. Gents, don't fall over yourselves rushing over there!

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to herd or not to herd:

Concise, no-nonsense commentary from a "Visionary Philosopher" (or so he's been told). The blog is regularly updated, focusing sometimes on current events but always with an eye toward the big picture. His lean style allows for little misunderstanding, and makes for fast edification. Most entries contain links for source material or to get more information, typically at the end of the post. The focus is mostly on freedom, but science/tech items occasionally find their way into the mix.

Site overview: Blogger-hosted blog; dependent on its performance. Good style; spare but effective use of graphics; fast-loading site. Easy to access archives. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Regularly updated; almost always freedom relevant. Worthy of a bookmark and daily drop-in.

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The Price of Liberty: Commentary on news and issues of interest to freedom-lovers

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