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May 2005

Enjoy Every Sandwich:

She might consider herself a "failure as a libertarian" in some ways, but I don't see it in Kirsten. In every venue (and there have been several over the past two-three years) in which I've encountered her, I've been highly impressed with Kirsten's no-nonsense attitude, accompanied by a hefty dose of brains. Her interests are diverse (ranging from outer space to, literally, inner space -- see the link at the top of her blog to see what I mean); and she appears to be uncompromising about liberty, digging down to principle across all areas. I don't know how I missed her blog for so long -- she started hers about the same time I launched mine -- but I've caught up and don't intend to get behind again. Oh, and if you visit, take the time to back up to Crackers Central, where Kirsten makes fun of "government, collectivism, and other hooey". A great site where another freedom-loving femme's strong spirit shines through.

Site Overview: General Blogger site -- dependent upon its functionality (but Blogger seems to be improving of late!). Few graphics, very fast to load. Fairly regularly updated, with wide-ranging content. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Worth a bookmark and regular check-ins.

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The Christian Anarchist:

The one area where my critical open-mindedness fails me is religion. Powerfully negative childhood experiences have left a permanent mark, and I've a hard time approaching the subject without my bias showing. That said, I nonetheless found this blog very interesting, because I think if I were able to consider religion seriously again, I might have a lot in common with its mysterious author. A newish blog, it's hard to tell how it will progress, but it shows promise, with entries ranging from a discussion of whether a real Christian could be president to a dissection of the "anarchy doesn't work" argument from a Christian basis. If you're a Christian libertarian or just generally interested in the intersection of religion and the freedom philosophy, you'll probably find the Christian Anarchist a good spot to visit.

Site Overview: Spare Blogger site. No graphics, fast-loading, very easy to read. No RSS/Atom feed at present. Narrow focus, but depth within that area. Infrequently-updated, newer blog -- more, please!

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The Fontifier:

After a friend commented on how nice my printing would look as its own font, I wondered if software existed that could work such magic. Sure enough, within two easy clicks, I found the answer. I'm not vain enough to try it (yet), but at just $9, The Fontifier is a tempting indulgence. If it works as described, it'd be a great way to really personalize one's business cards, web site graphics, and other printed documents. If you're really vain, you can try to persuade your friends to install copies, so they can view your web site entirely in your own handwriting!

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Creating Passionate Users:

Don't remember how I discovered this gem -- and it may be a gem only to others like me who have lots of goals, but challenges with focus and discipline to bring them to life -- but I'm sure glad I did. Ostensibly a blog on how to write tech books, it's an upbeat stream of information and ideas on how to be a more effective person. Not overtly libertarian, but with no-nonsense statements such as "Self-interest is hard-wired into the brain" -- in italics, no less -- and a great post on Context Matters, it offers enough hits to satisfy. Want more passion in some area of your life? Check this site out; I doubt you'll be disappointed.

Site overview: Slick design that's easy on the eyes. Nicely used graphics add style without slowing down browsing too much. Very wide range of material and liberal links in well-crafted posts. Commenting is open, and genuine dialogue sometimes ensues. RSS feed available. Some things at CPU may not speak to you, and it may not be worth a daily visit, but if you're in need of a burst of positive energy, it's a good place to drop in on.

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