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May/June 2007

One Small Voice:

Peter Saint-Andre is a remarkable chap, and his web site is brimming with evidence in support of that assertion. But where to start? For me, I suppose the natural place is his music. A good variety of music there, with some exceptionally tasty bits. Two of my favorites are Passion and Emotional Crayola; Firecracker gets a special nod for its driving, Yes-like intro. But don’t confuse his music section and the music category of his blog, else you’ll miss a lot of good stuff, including more of his music, such as this Kelo-inspired rip [MP3]. And then there’s his language section—someone else knows English cases! And he offers up interesting observations on the English language, not to mention fascinating and useful words.

Ah, but there’s more. Arguably the best content is not in his blog, but his journal; it presents concentrated bursts of thought on subjects ranging from philosophy to Ayn Rand to America to spirituality to personal missions to anarchy to life itself. If your interests run more to the technical/geeky side, the blog and its copious side links should suffice.

Site overview: Peter has described how he puts his site together, but it’s mostly geek to me. Still, I appreciate the crisp white background and slim left and right columns bracing the center column of his blog. In case you missed it above, there’s a wide variety of stimulating content here, and two aggregator feeds—Atom and RSS—to help you keep up with it all. No commenting possible, alas (but understandably). An abundance of jewels that I have barely explored.

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Give Me Back My Google:

For a company with a motto of “Don’t be evil”, Google sure seems to manage to be evil in many individuals’ eyes. For me, all the sponsored-link cruft at the top of my searches did it. If I want to comparison shop or search for something on eBay, I am totally capable of doing it myself, thank you; and while the sometimes clumsy intersection of search terms and ads can be amusing, if that’s what I want I can find it myself. Give Me Back My Google clears out a lot of the annoying affiliate links, giving a searcher the clean Google results of days long gone.

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Season Shot:

“Ammo with flavor” is their motto, and if that doesn’t tell you what Season Shot is about, well, put down the gun. The idea behind Season Shot is a good one: eliminating the steel shot that can be very difficult to extricate from game before it’s cooked. Season Shot claims to shoot, kill, and season fowl, using various seasonings to create edible pellets that kill the bird, then dissolve under heat to season it from the inside out. Whatever remains in the field is biodegradable.

Season Shot is forthcoming—in five flavors—for the 2007 hunting season, according to the site ... meanwhile, I give these gents props for their creativity!

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Learning to Love You More:

An intriguing web site that offers a wide range of “assignments” that visitors might choose to complete, then share their experiences in content that gets posted to the site. Some posted content will be familiar to at least some freedom-seekers; some assignments seem tailor made for pro-freedom outreach. An intriguing idea that is apparently very popular.

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Rants and Raves:

Stephen Browne’s blog is an eclectic jumble of observations on personal material, current events, and historical events—almost always with some unique view or penetrating insight. I freely admit I don’t know enough to fully grok Steve’s points from time to time, yet I still find the ideas interesting. His experiences living and being a political activist in communist Eastern Europe often flavor his posts with a perspective more Americans, myself included, would do well to keep in mind. An excellent example is Why the Nazi comparison sets my teeth on edge. Other notable entries include At the core, Virginia, and Have you ever kippled?.

Site overview: Bluish Blogger site is pretty easy on the eyes, although the narrow centered column could easily be wider without sacrificing readability. Posting is infrequent, but tends to be substantive when it happens. An RSS feed is available; commenting is moderated, and open only to those with Google/Blogger accounts.

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