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June 2005


Just a simple page I came across somewhen, but fully focused on a good idea: emphasize individual rights as the means to throw off all institutions that ultimately stifle freedom: the state, corporations, and social institutions that collude with them. Despite some quibbles (I prefer "no government" over the call for an "open government", for example), I think individual-i is a meme worth spreading. Fortunately, the site offers a number of graphics to help with that. Check it out and plaster a graphic on your blog, if you're so inclined.

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Upaya: Skillful Means to Liberation:

An interesting blog from a left-libertarian perspective. Plenty of deep philosophical theorizing, but also an interest in activism, which is always encouraging to me. I suppose I find blogs of this sort more intriguing, because they tend to stimulate my thinking more than the right-friendly blogs and sites I'm much more familiar with. That in itself is interesting, because until I picked up The Fountainhead, I was more aligned with a left-libertarian perspective (had an off-again, on-again fascination with guns, and was much more concerned with personal liberty than economic liberty). As this movement continues to gain traction, I expect we'll see some excellent stuff from folks like this chap.

Site Overview: Basic Blogger site, with very limited information about its author. No graphics, so the site is fast to load and mostly very easy to read (the gray link color may be hard for older eyes to see clearly). RSS (Atom) feed available. Infrequent posts, but typically chock-full of good material when they appear. More, please!

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Living in Mexico:

Yes, there are times when I think it may have been smarter for us to have stayed in Mexico, rather than returning to the USSA. Being an ex-pat family there was full of challenges for me, and I didn't rise to all of them very graciously, let alone successfully. This blog, by a self-described European entrepreneur, reminds me of what I loved, what I hated, and what I've yet to conquer if I'm going to give an ex-pat gig another go in Latin America. In addition to decent "living there" information, the author covers tourist-oriented content in an engaging way as well. Not a libertarian site, so far as I can tell, but still a good resource for those considering living in sunny Mexico.

Site Overview: A sparely-designed Greymatter blog, which allows one to focus on the information and pictures. Pictures are plentiful, but small and don't bog down transfers. My browser renders many non-ASCII characters in the author's text oddly, but I'm not sure if that's a problem on his or my end. RSS feed available. Site is infrequently updated, but each entry provides a lot of information, and links for further explorations of the places and subjects discussed. If you're thinking of heading south of the border, read Living in Mexico for a good picture of what life can be like there for a Westerner.

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Alaskan Blog:

If you aren't of a mind to leave the country, but still want to get away, perhaps the perspective of Alaskan life offered up on this newish site might be more to your liking. As the inaugural entry states, "My plan for this blog is to talk about life in Alaska. My life, when I happen to do anything Alaskan-ish. Other people's lives, the rest of the time." Coming from a third-generation Alaskan, it should be interesting all the time. Well, maybe, if you like male-oriented scenery pictures -- and by that I don't mean what you might think, but rather pictures of beautiful Alaskan scenery with cars taking up most of the frame.

Site Overview: Nicely designed, WordPress powered blog. Not many graphic elements in the design, so the site loads pretty fast. The pictures included in entries aren't too large, so they're unlikely to cause browser choking either. A new blog, just underway, so time will tell on the promised stories, pictures, and "lots of Alaska links". The RSS feed will help keep an eye out for the so-far sporadic posts. Interesting site with promise.

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The Price of Liberty: Commentary on news and issues of interest to freedom-lovers

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