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August 2005

Mad Prophet's Domain:

I know the Mad Prophet personally. I like the Mad Prophet. We're from the same church, so to speak. And I'm delighted to have discovered that he's blogging, even if rather sporadically. It's worth waiting for his insightful ruminations. He's also got a wicked sense of humor that I'm hoping he'll display at his blog. Meanwhile, think on his excellent take on prior restraint or my favorite thus far, America: Love it or Leave it, that contains this kernel of truth:

Today, "love it or leave it" has been replaced by "If you don't like America, why don't you move to [fill in the blank]?". If you've been asked this particular question, you surely know that any rational discourse has ended.
Indeed. He's a busy chap, but I'm hopeful the Mad Prophet can find a way to share more of his brand of madness with us.

Site overview: Spare Blogger site; no graphics makes for fast load times. Solid pro-freedom content served straight up, with good links and not a lot of frills. RSS (Atom) feed to help keep up with his infrequent posting habits. If you don't do feeds, give him a bookmark; you won't be sorry. Commenting available.

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Liberty and Culture:

Longtime Libertarian Futurist Society (LFS) contributor Anders Monsen offers more frequent insights at his Liberty and Culture blog, commenting on books as well as movies and comics in his brief, frequent posts. Not a lot of depth in his comments, but still highly worthwhile, because he points out interesting stuff and almost always has links to resources for the interested reader to follow. Lots of Firefly posts at present, which is only serving to heighten my impatience for the release of the movie Serenity. A solid blog for pro-freedom culture -- indispensable if you like pro-freedom sci-fi.

Site overview: Blogger-hosted site, with straightforward design. Occasional use of graphics, but not a lot, so the site's download isn't painfully bogged. Spare commentary but lots of linky goodness. No RSS feed; commenting not available. A valuable place for libertarian culture-vultures.

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St. George Blog:

I don't recall how Vache Folle's blog came to my attention ... perhaps by his leaving a comment on my blog. However it happened, I'm certainly glad it did: his St. George Blog is full of interesting "musings and rants of an anarchist". Apparently he's a Christian anarchist, which doesn't stop him from offering thoughtful considerations on evolutionary theory or nature and nurture. Fun diversions, such as hummingbirds, don't escape his notice either.

Site overview: Basic Blogger site, with virtually no graphics. The focus is predominantly on his thoughts, so there's no blogroll and only occasional links to other sites. RSS feed (Atom) available; comments enabled. Good stuff from a fellow anarchist -- need I say more?

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RV Unfriendly:

Getting ready to go mobile and wondering where you'll be able to park without paying exorbitant fees for the privilege, or get busted for loitering? Wanting to know if the city you're thinking of moving to has egregious limitations on what you can park -- and where -- on "your" property? Check out RV Unfriendly. It's a blog-format, submission-driven list of places that, in some way or other, put limits on what RVers can do. If nothing else, it's a very interesting look at how many cities are using the law to undo Wal-Mart's practice of letting people park overnight in their parking lots. Not a lot there just yet, so if you can, help make it a better resource.

Site overview: Fairly spare Movable Type-powered blog. Each state is listed in the right column as a separate category, making focused searches fairly easy. No comments. Reliance on user submissions means the material may not be complete and/or accurate as laws change, but it's nonetheless a good idea nicely presented. Worth a look before a vacation trip in your RV. RSS (Atom) feed available, as is an email subscription for updates.

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Facing Dictatorships Realistically:

Another gem that came via a forgotten source. A text transcript of a conference presentation nearly ten years ago, Gene Sharp's brief but powerful offering should resonate with anyone contemplating the still-forming USSA dictatorship. Not especially philosophically deep (his focus on replacing dictatorships with "democratic" societies is telling), but nonetheless brimming with practical advice and important things to think about. Whether your preferred method is via individual resistance or a group-based strategy, Facing Dictatorships Realistically will help refocus your goals and means of achieving them by using the power inherent in any individual with the will to resist the state in whatever way.

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