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September 2006


Halfbakery is an often silly, sometimes inspired repository of half-baked ideas. Members contribute the ideas—sometimes written up incredibly cleverly—and others comment and vote on it. Favored ideas acquire croissants beside their names; non-favored ones merit fish skeletons. If an idea is found to have been implemented, it's dubbed fully baked. For an excellent example of the give and take, see Film Noir Home or Poetic Legalese. If discordian ideas appeal to you, prepare to get lost among the croissants at Halfbakery.

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Timewarp Vintage Toys:

Astro Lite. Click Clacks. Hot Wheels. Smashup Derby. Fuzzy Wuzzy soap. Lawn Darts. Wizzer. If any of these toys were among your cherished possessions, you'll want to check out the pictures and commentary on Timewarp Toys. Older toys and newer ones too—up to the 1980s—can be found here. Relive your childhood perusing pictures of the toys and music or cartoon memorabilia from way back when. Be warned, though, you might just find that one beloved toy you can't live without for sale at this site. Amazing repository of old toys, some in astonishingly good condition.

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Tired of eBay? Got stuff you want to get rid of, and other stuff you'd like to have? Consider SwapThing, a place oriented to trading items, rather than buying and selling—although that is an option a member can choose. A flat rate of $1 per swapper per transaction (unlimited items allowed in a single transaction) and $10 transaction fee for service swaps makes it cheap and easy to find individuals interested in swapping all kinds of things, large or small. User ratings are handled through the intriguing RapLeaf system. If you don't like the idea of swapping with complete strangers, private SwapCircles are another option. Yet another way for market exchanges to happen without the interference of the state.

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