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October 2005

The Idle Mind:

Author Anthony Lewis entered the blogosphere back in August, keeping us up to date on his progress on the followup to The Third Revolution, currently titled Middle America, and his other activities. His blog offers a peek into this pro-freedom author's mind as well as his work, and is an upbeat place to stop by. Posts are typically short and focused, so don't look for in-depth analysis; but if you want to keep track of Lewis' progress or media appearances, or a burst of positive energy from a fellow freedom lover, it'll fit the bill.

Site overview: Blogger site with lots of green; some graphics add visual interest but don't bog download times. Dark gray text may be a mite hard on older eyes. Regular bursts of short material make it an easy scan-and-go stop. RSS (Atom) feed and commenting both available.

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Living Liberty:

"A place for the consideration of all aspects of the title" is how Steve Trinward describes his newish blog. He ranges beyond liberty, though, with baseball being the focus of several recent posts. Nothing looks like it's off the table; and so far, it's been interesting reading the diverse things that catches Steve's attention.

Site overview: Straightforward Blogger site with virtually no graphics. Lots of good posts across a wide range of subjects. RSS (Atom) feed available, and comments are welcome. Frequently updated -- looks to become a regular stop for me.

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The Medical Freedom Channel:

Honest, I'm not cyber-stalking my former FMN colleague Steve! I just happened across this new resource sponsored by ISIL and edited by Steve Trinward, and seeing as how health issues are very important to me, I had to include it here. Brand spankin' new, MFC offers a lot of promise as a "pathway to health freedom". Material on the site is diverse, with a good resource list that's bound to grow, too.

Site overview: Clean Word-Press powered blog with few graphics to slow load times. RSS feed available for entries and comments; commenting open but moderated (approval required for new commenters). An important topic looks to get the attention it deserves -- thanks ISIL and Steve!

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The Sorting Hat:

Enough with the serious stuff and on to some fun. If you were a Hogwarts student, which house would you get sorted into? The Sorting Hat survey will tell you, after you answer just seven straightforward questions. If you like, you can copy a snippet of code to display your house's crest on your web site. (If you must know, I'm a Ravenclaw.)

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