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November 2006

Presto's Ramblings:

A wide-ranging, mutualist-oriented pro-freedom blog, Presto's ramblings somehow seem more focused than mine, even though he covers topics as diverse as dumbing down by the USSA media, Guerrilla Solar activism, living deliberately, and cool stuff. Posts usually are sprinkled with links, even when they're on the short side, like anarchist Linux. An all-around good blog.

Site overview: Relaxing green and grey Blogger design, in the new Blogger beta format. Mostly that shows in the long list of labels in his right sidebar that are used to identify the focus of posts. Lots of feed options available; commenting is open and anonymous comments are possible. Keep it coming, Presto!

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The World's Healthiest Foods:

I don't recall how I stumbled upon this site, but I'm glad I did. It's a treasure trove of information for eating healthfully, for healthy individuals as well as those with various conditions. Not only are the 130 healthiest foods listed, but many details on what nutrients they provide, and their importance in general health are also provided. If you're interested, the Food Advisor can help you determine if you're getting the nutrients you need for optimum health; and recipes and meal ideas are plentiful to help you put the information to good use. The claims are well-documented, as just about each page concludes with a list of relevant research. The emphasis on whole foods rather than processed ones, and the inclusion of spices as important elements in a healthy lifestyle are particularly welcome.

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Uncle Warren's Attic:

At last, a good look at the person who's the voice behind The Imaginary Bomb. Yes, I know Warren has a blog, but I have the distinct impression that he restrains himself there somewhat—possibly because of discovery concerns, or maybe it's just the limitations of the Blogger platform. Whatever the case may be, Uncle Warren's Attic is a weekly peek into the man and the wonderful stash of auditory stuff he's accumulated over the years. Well- and lesser-known old songs, commercials, movie sound clips, music trivia and niggling irritations—all get tossed together in a delightful, eclectic jumble of weekly podcasts. Oh, and how can I forget Warren's original music? He generously (and bravely, in my opinion) shares recordings of his performances too; I find them as interesting (and often, every bit as good) as the published music he showcases. Great graphics accompany each week's podcast on the web site, which is currently run by Blogger; Warren says he hopes to move to his own domain soon. If you want a regular infusion of smile-inducing, eclectic escapism from today's news and commercially-driven music, I can't think of a better place to get it than Uncle Warren's Attic.

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