Archive of Sunni Maravillosa's Essays

  • “At Last You Know the Truth”

    “Each participant will become part of the freedom systems they use. However, understanding that inevitable result and advocating the establishment and perpetuation of a system are very different things. I’m resigned to the former; I don’t foresee seriously engaging in the latter. ... I see potential harm in the comfort and opportunity for habit formation that systems offer their users. To whatever degree a system stifles or slows creative thought, because individuals think something like, ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’, it impedes progress. It presupposes that we, today, know what will be best for those living in the future. We don’t.”

    published at Endervidualism on  9/15/06

  • Of Castles, Dreams, and Liberty

    “To think of freedom as some specific end point, that if it’s reached, is to be tightly grasped in a futile effort to keep things as they are—to sustain a static state when all around you is changing—is to miss a crucial point, as well as a lot of potential. That point is simply this: Freedom isn’t a target. It’s a process.

    published at Endervidualism on  8/30/06

  • Balance of Power: Political Power

    “Politicians with varying beliefs cycle in and out of offices, and the leash will be more slack or more taut — but in this system, it will never disappear.”

    published at Endervidualism on  11/16/04

  • Balance of Power: Personal Power

    “Each person has personal power to exert over him—or herself. While that’s obvious, I think many people fail to see the depths of power inherent in that truth.”

    published at Endervidualism on 5/4/04

  • Psychological Marginalization

    “Because of a fear of being marginalized simply for being different — a fear that is sadly justified — an individual’s potential is limited. The world is dimmed for a loss, the scope of which we will never know. That’s infinitely more tragic than trying and failing.”

    published at Endervidualism on  4/13/04

  • Drop Out to Tune In

    “What I mean is to drop out and take a break from life’s pressures and challenges, in order to refocus on yourself.”

    published at Endervidualism on  4/6/04

  • Phuck Pheminism

    “If I had had a label for what I determined about myself that day, I would have called myself an individualist. It remains one of the few labels I wear comfortably." 

    published at Endervidualism on  3/12/04

  • No Safe Seat at the Feast

    “So many libertarians believe that some amount of ‘state service’ is necessary...” 

    published at Endervidualism on  2/13/04