Site Launch

by Tom Ender

This column is the first posted here and with it I will try to give a synopsis of what I envision Endervidualismís emphasis to be.

The broad outlines of the web site are all here. The home/entry page will continue to have an attractive image [I may reinstitute this practice], although it will change from Maxfield Parrishís Daybreak. I will attempt to have an image that is topical. Daybreak is topical now because the site is just beginning and, in addition, I have always liked it.

The Review section holds Enderís Review of the Web, which has existed as a Yahoo newsletter for over a year. It has grown considerably in its first year and I hope that it will continue to gain in popularity. The review section will hold only recent issues of Enderís Review since the Yahoo group already holds a fine long term online archive [the Review section now also has an archive]. For those who dislike both e-mail lists and traversing online Yahoo pages, the review section will give access more agreeable to them to recent issues of Enderís Review. The review itself will not change in its nature at this time and will continue to be a weekly survey webzine of the best web articles on politics, economics, history and culture; that might appeal to individualists. A longer description is available on the main review page, but this should seem familiar to those acquainted with Enderís Review.

The Connections section is a new idea. Currently it has three subsections: Favorites, This Week and Classics.

Favorites is a page devoted to other sites which have values closely allied to Endervidualism. There are off-site links there to those sites.

Classics is devoted to items which have assumed an off-site web existence and are classics of individualism. These could be literature, philosophy, painting or other like items. As a creatorís birthday occurs I will populate this area with items of their creation. That will spread the work and emphasis out and mesh with the Great Individuals section of Enderís Review.

This Week is not completed at this time but will feature new items of interest in the coming week [at this point movies]. These could be interesting general events; TV movies and shows; DVD, CD or other releases; or other things such as those.

Columns is the section in which this article appears as it is an original column offered on the Endervidualism site. That is what the columns section will be about. There are Current Columns, Column Archives and Column Guidelines subsections [reconfigured slightly]. Those names should give a good idea of what the subsections will be. Original columns for Endervidualism should address issues of individualism in todayís world. Although practical politics and policy articles wonít be off-limits, there are already many sites that offer such columns. Their articles are often linked from Enderís Review. Endervidualismís emphasis will be less on proposed changes to the State, than on ways of pursuing happiness in spite of the state.

The last section on the home pageís button bar is the Agora, which currently has the least amount completed [more fleshed out now]. The Agora will be where material objects (DVDís books, etc.) mentioned in other locations on Endervidualism can be purchased. It will also accept donations. I will work at completing this as fast as I can.

Look around and scope out what is available. I hope youíll be back many times. 

Tom Ender
Published February 9, 2004 [updated August 8, 2007]

Tom Ender edits and publishes this web site — He hopes you enjoy it and return to visit often.